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XDefiant Premium

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-Supported CPU: Intel only! (AMD not supported)
-Supported OS:
Windows 10, Windows 11 [All versions]


  • Automatically aim at your enemies.
  • Aim at specific bone
  • Aim hotkey
  • Aim smoothing
  • Switch target delay after kill
  • Show snaplines

Character ESP

  • Max bones render distance
  • Bone style
  • Battlemode
  • Enemy Information [ Health, Distance]


  • Easily spot enemies surrounding you with the 2D Radar.
  • Highly configurable!
  • Show enemies
  • Show friendly
  • Color

    xdefiant walls.webp
    xdefiant winning with hacks.webp
    xdefiant hack showcase.webp
    xdefiant aimbot proof.webp
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