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Honest Review for EFT Premium


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EFT Premium


  • Loads up quick
  • You can manually set how far you want ESP/Loot to be display.
  • Minimal FPS drop on a beast machine that I have.
  • Great Features.
  • Features that will possibly get you banned such as speed hacking, no recoil, and more are highlighted in RED for you to use at your own caution. ( This implementation really got me because most providers just say use whatever you want. So kudos to you for being honest. )


  • Injector seems to freeze when running as administrator and either causing BSOD or timing out completely.
  • Aim bot feature would be nice if you can set a key for it rather then it being your right click key.

That's really it. If you're looking for a very simple, effective, and efficient cheat, LAVI provides that for you when you go with premium.

Keep up the handwork and you will blow up and be more recognized with all the dedication.


Thank you.



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