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Z-radar Showcase | Best tarkov cheat

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After try some pubg cheat, I realized why i bought cheat and i understand why, after try Jerry cyber ... i realized people want frag ,but guys when we played without cheat we want a good game with some frag rognât ? but with Jerry or cyber (which i realy like it) realized it was too obivious you run kill, run KILL ...  and maybe win like an elephant you destroyed everything ,but guys you should realy try z-radar its pubg but with an little help which is very important and plaisant. It Keep the Nice part or the game but you have the radar on your Ipad, second screen etc you play normal but sometime you Check the radar and get a precious information. And the Included aimbot is verry soft but extremely powerfull you can play like a beast but this is like an help to win and feel extremely natural. You should realy try it to see how plaisant it is, its a another way to play pubg.

So dont be effraid or this cheat with chinese or what else language is very easy if you read correctly the Lavi’s manuals. Try it and post your feeling on this post and trust me z-radar is more fun and axe some.


You shoul look my video bellow i show my config and, installation and a little game play.


Thanks you for reading my post. 

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