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    Had to make this review. I don't know what those other 2 are doing wrong. I used this 2 weeks ago and worked great. Only ESP needed to be better, but that was okay. Just tried it again today and I'm perfectly playing just fine with Orion. But, honestly, I'd use DeSync for now since it's way better for the aimbot and snipers hit way better too. ESP is pretty much the same on DeSynce like it is on Orion, but what you want is the aimbot which is great. So if you want to use Orion, go ahead. Works great. I'd prefer DeSync as of now.
  1. Vaefreyja


    that guy @bestchance12312 is doing something wrong using the cheat called Apex Army. Been using for 5 months straight with NO BANNED. Well, more like 4 months and 10 days. Level 200+ on one account and 130 on another. I forgot the password to the level 200 and couldn't recover it so I had to make a new one lol. But then I figured it out and now I'm back on the level 200. Which is like level 230 right now and still going strong in Apex Army. You guys should try Valorant Orion as well. Lavicheats is the best cheats for me. Fair prices, awesome guy, and great cheats >:]
  2. Vaefreyja


    What happened to the old reviews? Anyways. Apex Army is the way to go. Use smooth 15 and fov 2-5, and fov type 2. Everything else is up to you. Been using for 5 months strong >:]
  3. Vaefreyja

    Apex MidNight

    thnkx bro. Going to start adjusting my budget next month or 2 so I can start using this hack every day. I'll buy the $75 for a month soon. Loving the $35 for 1 week. It's just simply amazing. 100 out of 10 would recommend
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