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Found 3 results

  1. EFT AQUA is what I use on a daily basis. I’ve been using it for almost a year and I’ve never been banned even after wipe. First cheat I’ve used that has lasted a whole wipe and more. Simple to install and use and very straight forward. The UI can be a little cluttered but once you get used to it you’ll be fine. I always pair it with the Angel Spoofer to avoid getting hardware banned which is also very easy and straight forward to use and quick acting as well. 10/10 in my opinion.
  2. EFT Premium : The Cheat that will make you a legend with the EFT ranks. I am a serial cheater addict that have used almost every single cheat available on the market for Escape from Tarkov. I have burned though 7 EFT accounts since the game was launched and FINALLY I found an EFT cheat that I feel is good value for money!! Here is my thoughts on the EFT Premium brought to you by Lavi cheats!! Usability / Functionality This cheat is extremely easy install and use, within minutes I had it working and cheating in raid after raid. The fact that it includes a spoofer makes it real good value for money. What I really like is the fact that I do not need to re-inject the cheat every time that I launch the game. You only need to reinject should you restart your PC. This is a game changer for me and the first time that I used a cheat provider that offers that kind of functionality. Features The cheat offers all the feature that I want in EFT. This includes ESP, Aimbot and a variety of features that compliment almost any style of gaming. If you want to play semi-legit or if you would like to rage, this cheat offers it all. Security My account is still safe and secure after using the cheat. The spoofer provided with the cheat works great and allows you to bypass any HWID bans that you may have on record (ask me I know :P). Furthermore, the cheat successfully bypass any BE detections and you can really enjoy using the cheat without any concerns of detection. Just don’t get to carried away with all the nice features in the cheat as you can still get reported which may lead to a manual ban, but that is a risk that we all accept when we start cheating in a game. Support Staff at Levi cheats is friendly and supportive. Yes, you may wait a bit to get a response though the ticketing system, but rest assured that your problem will be addressed, and they will do what they can to assist you. As far as the cheat support goes, all I can say is that it is AWSOME! The coder is responsive to any game updates and downtime of the cheat is limited when updates need to take place. Definitely some of the best support I have ever seen from a cheat provider. Conclusion If you had any concerns with regards to using this cheat I can categorically state that it is unfounded! If you want to use one of the best and most legit cheats on the market, EFT Premium is the cheat to use!! Happy cheating!!!
  3. When I first tried Alfredo spoofer, I was surprised by how it did because the first-ever spoofer I used was the Angel Spoofer (Which I highly recommend). Still, when I tried Alfredo expecting it to be worst or better, it had its unique things that other spoofers have and don't have. For example, when testing out game's they held up, and how I test was, of course, cheating in some form, and when I would get banned for going all in, it protected my computer (HWID) from being screwed over and right away when I knew it didn't have any effect it went to an instant 10/10, and yes nothing is perfect of course. Still, in all cases, spoofers are the same, but! They all have unique things about them. For example, when I bought Angel Spoofer, it could wipe Fortnite or had a cleaner or something along those lines. (I also recommend this one because it holds up the same as Angel, but of course, with a few didn't things to it that makes it different. (It protects your PC!)
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