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League Of Legends Script Hack


- Orbwalker (Hotkeys for Combo, Lane Clear, Last Hit, Flee, Spellfarm)
- Champion Detection
- Auto Combo ( Beta only have combo for 8 champions: Kaisa,Kognaw,Irelia,Cassiopeia,Ezreal,Jinix,Quiin, Sivir.
But we will update more as soon as we can)
- Auto Spell
- Auto Attack
- Auto Farm
- Auto Last hit
- And Also Auto Evade.


Supported Champs 

  • Corki:  Q cast, W evade, R cast
  • Khazix:  QWER Combo, QWER evolved combo, special minion and champ lasthit  indicator, e evade, spellfarm q w
  • Darius: QWER 
  • Swain: QWE Passive
  • Ezreal: QWR cast, E evade
  • Gankplank: QE E2x and 3x barrel combo
  • Irelia: QWER combo
  • Talon: Usefull combo, R Only when Q and W ready, smart dive (will dive when able to kill). Dont use W when stealth.
  • Jayce: Q/E melee Q/E ranged
  • Hecarim: full combo
  • Jhin: W R 
  • Jinx: QWER combo, Baseult
  • Kaisa: QWE combo
  • Kalista: E Q+ passive logic for evade
  • Kogmaw: QWER Combo
  • Lucian: QWER Combo + E evade
  • Olaf: QWER Combo
  • Quinn: QE combo +passive logic
  • Ryze: QWE combos
  • Senna: Q cast R baseult
  • Syndra: QWER combo
  • Thresh: Q cast Q pull
  • Vayne: QWER, E anti gap closer, E   autowall stun
  • Viktor: QWER combo R autofollow
  • Xerath: QWER combo, Auto blueward for vision in R
  • Yone: QWER combo
  • Blitzcrank: Q cast
  • Lux: Q cast
  • Soraka: Q cast
  • Morgana: Q cast
  • Karthus: Q cast
  • Nidalee: Q cast both forms
  • Cassiopeia: QWER E last hit, W anti mobile autao R
  • LeeSin: Q cast recast
  • Diana: QWER conbo, lanejunglecler
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