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  • Ignorance of the rules does not relieve you of the responsibility!

    Our rules:
    1.1 Each registered account in the loader is expected to be used on one PC. This means that you can't use the same account on different computers. You may receive a ban if we detect account sharing. The rule doesn't mean you can't use your account after you changed hardware or moved to another PC, just make sure to write to the proper forum thread so we can re-link it. Also, it is allowed to register new account for any other PC.
    1.2 Loader sends to our server some technical data of your PC, which includes some of the system-specific features and parameters. It was made to help our support in offering fast help for you and prevent account sharing between different computers.
    1.3 It is strongly prohibited to give your account to someone else. In some causes you may ask Main Administrators if you really need to do it.
    1.4 If you got banned, we cannot compensate anything. We do not recommend you to use software on your main account. We provide you the best security of our software, but we cannot guarantee that anti-cheats will not detect it later. We check our test-accounts at least 4 times a week, so you will know whether the software is detected or not.
    1.5 We do not refund money for the bought software. However, it is possible to return money back if the software completely does not work on your computer. Furthermore, the technical support must be sure whether it is so or not. Thus technical support is entitled to access your computer (the one where you cannot launch the software) via remote connection (e.g. Teamviewer). If you refuse to allow us to, the money will not be refunded. If the technical support cannot solve your problem even with allowed access, we return the full amount back. Also the request must be submitted within 1 days from the subscription's key purchase. Otherwise, the money will not be refunded.
    1.6 We do not guarantee that the software will be available 24/7. Sometimes we temporary close main server due to technical works, and you will not be able to use our cheats at this time. However, we will restore all days of cheat's unavailability.
    1.7 We cannot change one subscription to another. Exception is taken only if Main Administrator allows it for you.
    1.8 If you are trying or going to try to hack loader or our site, you will be permanently banned. Any activities related to damage our team will lead only to your ban.
    1.9 If you do not agree with rules above, you should leave our community immediately.

    Our site does not have any “cracks”, "viruses" or other stuff, that are against the law.
    Finally, if you agree with all rules, feel free to surf our site. If you do not agree with them, leave the site immediately and find something else. Thank you for your cooperation with us and dedicated time to read this.

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