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    • Top-notch, easy to use and fast customer service in case of need. Never had issue with them and their prices are competitive.
    • This helps in Tarkov such a hard game, the assistance is great, The tools and instructions are very easy to use and the staff are great at helping out when needed. Would definitely recommend using these products.
    • Hi, lavi is a very good company.  Their programs are great and run great.  Had tried many from other companies but these are the best.  I can only recommend the tools and as a final word: "Keep it up".
    • So we're going to get into a short simple to the point on good and bads of it and my overall review of it + the website. here we go. Bads - -Aimbot is off on it's starting aim. (if u pick to aim at neck it'll aim at groin) seems like only headshot aim will actually aim upperchest/neck. but you end up getting too many headshots and it looks sus. but overall decent. 3/5 -The esp, or also known as (chams) mostly doesn't work in vehicles unless you reveal the units before you enter the vehicle then their position is still live as they move. 4/5 -unable to make menu go away once it's opened  Goods -  -Distance tracking works amazing, you literally pick how far you want targets to show up on your chams (esp) and thats when they will show up. -I really like how accurate the ESP is and all the options you have to customize how you want it to appear.  I understand the Scar is meant as a basic version so that is being taken into account, the fact you can test this with a 1 day sub is amazing, most places will NOT do this and it lets you seriously test it for what a couple of bucks? Overall rating of SCAR, is 4/5. to summarize get the upgraded cheat over scar lol you get a lot more out of it. Also website is done very well and looks professional 5/5   
    • This client is very useful and has made the game not only easier, but much more fun to play. I dont use the auto evade or the auto spells all that much because I'm trying to get better at the game but I did start out that way until I started to figure out the game and have slowly used less and less of the client. But using just the information provided by it gives you a huge advantage and allows you not to make simple mistakes by tracking enemy movement, their ult cooldowns, and their summoner spells. It also makes jungle clears much more efficient due to the accurate respawn timers. If you have any concerns using this client, don't, it works and you will NEVER get banned for using it. overall I would give it a 10/10 exactly what I was looking for!
    • Love apex scar and have really enjoyed the customer support experience. 10/10 would recommend them and will be using them again in the future.
    • Hello My Name Is Raincy and I've Used LaviCheats For A Very Long Time And My Experience With It So Far Is Amazing And The Staff / Owner Are Very Helpful And Respected The Software Is A Good Quality Chet And Affordable! My Experience With Lavi Has Always Been Amazing And Professional.    Thank You Lavi And The Staff!
    • Been using lavi for a long time but most recently I have used SCAR. Havent had any bans if im not raging on nerds. Any issues I have had were solved quickly by lavi and co. Great services here and great prices.  
    • Been using lavi off and on for over a year mainly on apex. Always been quick easy service. Always helpful with any issues. Great Services here. 10/10
    • LaviCheats DAYZ COLA and PREMIUM cheats are great as well as their customer service. Price is also a good deal for consumers and they have flexible plans for cheat subscription. DAYZ COLA and PREMIUM works fine and undetected, great features that are perfectly working(AIMBOT, ESP, ETC). Having some issues? No problem, their discord ticket system connects you directly to their staff and they are with you in resolving your case. Overall, Great Product and Management!
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