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  • How to Remove Shadow And HWID Ban In Call of Duty Warzone?


    What is a Shadow Ban?

    Shadow banning, also called stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting, is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community so that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.

    What is a HWID Ban?

    Hwid means,  parts of your pc have specific numbers (like serial numbers) which are stored in a Windows file and embedded to your OS. So by 'hardware banning' Anti-Cheats Companies like Battle-Eye[BE] And Easy-Anti-Cheat[EAC] are mainly banning that serial number by requesting the contents of that file or piece of registry in Windows.
    Anticheats Companies take note of hwid of hackers and ban them when they get the chance so its always best to safeguard yourself against them. We always recommend using a hwid spoofer even if you are not hwid banned just to safeguard your original hwid to get banned in future.

    How To Remove Hwid Ban?

    You can't remove the ban on the same account, you need to buy a new one and start fresh with some hwid spoofers, use a vpn or vps and change up the way you play. How Does HwidSpoofers Works?
    Hwid Spoofer spoofs your unique id for all of your pc components like processor, ram, hdd and ssd and hide your unique hwid and gives you a virtual hwid which changes every time you use a spoofer. this makes your hwid random and helps to avoid hwid ban



    In order to bypass your COD Modern warfare and warzone hwid/shadow ban, follow these steps:
    1) Format Windows (not the quick format, but the one where you erase all data)
    2) Run VPN and turn it ON (and keep running it)
    3) Run our HWID Spoofer (Download Spoofer= HERE)
    4) Create new account on battle.net
    5) Download Blizzard app and then COD MW (Open task manager/startup and make sure battlenet is
    6) Restart your PC
    7) After you restarted your PC, you can now inject your hack, if you want to
    😎 Use our HWID Spoofer and wait for the “spoofer complete” message
    9) Now run the Blizzard/Battlnet App as admin and launch the game
    10) In order to not get shadow banned again you will from now on have to spoof and use our
    COD MW tracking files cleaner after every PC restart or when you shutdown your PC!


    Buy HWID Spoofer Now

    The steps from 7 to 10 need to be done every time Restart or Shutdown your PC.
    Its very important otherwise you will receive a shadow ban again:
    Not running the spoofer or the cleaner will have you end in a shadowban again.

    ( 1 ) COD MW Tracking files cleaner:
    The .exe doesn't delete the game! This will only clean anti-cheat tracking files of COD. If the game
    doesn't work correctly after this, you can just scan and repair game files from the Battle.net app.

    ( 2 ) If you are still ending up in “cheater only lobbies”:
    If you are still in shadow ban after this, its normal for first few days Activision places new players in
    shadow ban to be 100% sure they are not hacking, in this period do not use aimbot and play as legit
    as possible and in matter of 3-7 days you will be back to normal.

    Check out our Easy anticheat hardware spoofer too! Easy anticheat hardware spoofer

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