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Cold War Delta


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My experience with cold war delta has been great. I only use it for the esp, but the amount of features available for just the esp is crazy. From snap lines, to names, distance, skeleton, and many more every feature works extremely well without introducing any lag no matter how many are on. I lose maybe 5 fps running delta so the performance loss is minimal. It doesn't induce blue screens, game crashes, or any other noticeable instability. If you alt tab away from the game and then back into the game there's a few seconds of lag, but it goes away in less than 10 seconds. Most chairs don't allow you to alt tab consistently which would cause crashing if your activate windows came knocking, not with delta. Oh and did I mention the loader auto updates so you don't have to download a new loader after every game update. Devs do a great job communicating maintenance and updating status as well. 

Listen it works with no performance loss, has tons of features, is safe (for what it is), doesn't cause instability, easy to use menu, great loader, best price. If you're looking for a chair for cold war Delta is an easy recommend.  

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