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General Review of Lavi

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I've used quite a few of the products on this site, Dayz, Rust, The Cycle, DeadSide, War Thunder, a Spoofer, EFT, and PUBG. I've only been disappointed a couple times. Their War Thunder product, although it wasn't their fault really it was mine. I didn't thoroughly read the Preview for the product and made an assumption. And their DeadSide product, again you can't really blame Lavi for it, in my experience any and all DeadSide cheeses are quickly detected regardless of the provider.

However everything else has worked as intended and when it hasn't their support is fast and effective. For Rust I personally recommend Scar, for Dayz I recommend Cola. Now most of my experience ends at Dayz and Rust, it's not that their other products are bad it's just the poison I choose, Dayz and Rust are the only games I really use cheese in. I haven't used EFT in a little over a year now but from memory it worked quite well, the same can be said for PUBG and The Cycle: Frontier.

Overall I give Lavi Cheats a 4.5/5 stars, ROBIN's a G, they're Dope, I don't pick favorites but if I did it'd be ROBIN.

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