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Lavi Products Review. (Fornite Thunder,Mw2 Frost, Mw2 Delta)


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Mw2 Frost- I went with this one because it was a cheaper option than delta but just because its cheap doesn't mean it didn't preform really well the esp was smooth and didnt loose frames while playing and the aimbot was snappy but smooth enough to look legit. (Based on settings used) My favorite feature from the Mw2 Frost was the color customization for esp. The menu was very easy to use and was done really well. 

Mw2 Delta - Before i get into delta i just want to say that even though frost is great at esp and aimbot Delta is  the best money for your buck spent because of the following reasons 
Delta Has Unlock tool! This is great so you don't have to spend countless hours unlocking weapons and camos. There is alot of features like item esp, player esp which is customizable you can change player esp to  a box, skeleton and you can change the color Esp for friendly's, enemies, grenades loot ect honestly i cant even type out all the fancy esp features you get i would be here all day. Theres so much more in the menu but you can check that out in the description of MW2 Delta. But i will say that the customizability  of the aimbot is amazing there is nothing like it you can change it so it so it moves naturally with you while you play the game its so nice.. The last feature I will mention is that is truly my favorite is the way you can save up to 3 different loadout settings in the menu and it is so convienit and makes a easy change when using a sniper setting then switching to a smg.

Fornite Thunder- The Download experience was explained really well in in the forms and made the process easy and understandable. I had some questions on disabling firewall and the staff in discord where very professional and gave great instructions on how to disable it. 

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