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  1. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    HOW TO USE= Click Here
  2. Lavi

    Fn Apple

    HWID Spoofer (no format required) Internal (very good performance) Features: Menu •Player ESP •Visibility check •Distance •Item ESP Aimbot •Target lock •Sticky aim •Adjustable FOV •Aim only at visible enemies Misc •Silent aim •NoSpread •Fov Slider •Vehicle Fly •Vehicle Teleport •Bullet Teleport •Insta revive •Spinbot
  3. Lavi

    Apex Cola

    Version 1.0.0


    How to Use Manual
  4. Lavi

    Apex Hybrid

    Version 1.0.0


    <HOW TO USE>
  5. Lavi

    EFT Zeus

    Version 1.0.0


    How to USE Click here
  6. Version 1.0.0


    League SharpMind
  7. Lavi

    Valorant Super

    -Supports Window 2004-20H2 -Supports Amd/ INTEL Features: - Aimbot - Aim Smooth - Aim Prediction - Bone ESP - Box ESP - Line ESP - Name ESP - Health ESP - StreamProof
  8. League Of Legends Script Hack Features: - Orbwalker (Hotkeys for Combo, Lane Clear, Last Hit, Flee, Spellfarm) - Champion Detection - Auto Combo ( Beta only have combo for 8 champions: Kaisa,Kognaw,Irelia,Cassiopeia,Ezreal,Jinix,Quiin, Sivir. But we will update more as soon as we can) - Auto Spell - Auto Attack - Auto Farm - Auto Last hit - And Also Auto Evade.
  9. Lavi

    Cod Delta

    Version 1.0.0


  10. Lavi


    -Supports Windows 10 (1903,1909,2004,20H2). -Supports Intel/Amd Both Features: Enemy/friendly esp, Enemy distance, Visible checks, Aimbot with FOV & Smooth customization, Aim prediction, Aim key customizable, Aim bone adjustable, Aim distance, aim snaplines, Triggerbot, No recoil mod, different aim methods, Fire delay mod, Colorful esp palette for Bones and FOV, ESP On/Off, grenade warnings, 2D radar, Item ESP in Warzone with colorful filters and distance configurable.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    How to Use : CLick Here
  12. Lavi


    -Windows 10 (1903,1909,2004 or 20H2). -This cheat works on both AMD/INTEL Features: - Full Player ESP, 2D Player Box, 2D Box Customizable Thickness, Skeleton/Bone ESP, Snaplines, Name Info, Health Info, Distance Info, Weapon Info, Show Team ESP, NPC ESP, Loot ESP, Customizable Max Distance, Player Visibility Check (Color changes when the enemy is visible). - 2D Radar, Radar Size, Radar Scale Distance, Custom Crosshair, Crosshair Type. - Triggerbot
  13. EFT Pro General Information -Supported CPU: Intel and AMD -Supported OS: Windows 10 Home (2004 , 20H2/2009) Features - Visuals: Player ESP (Name, Distance, Skeleton ESP, 2D Box, Weapon on hand), Fully customizable ESP Color, Show Full Items ESP: Meds, Weapons, Valuables, Quest items, attachments, clothing, food and even corpses, Customizable Skeleton Thickness, Customizable ESP Distance. - Aimbot (Default Key: Right Click Mouse), Customizable Aim FOV, Customizable Aim Smooth, No Recoil. - Enable Thermal Vision, Modify Visor effect. - Risky Features (Don't use
  14. Lavi

    Apex Stone

    Version 1.0.0


    How to USE
  15. Lavi

    Apex Stone

    -Supports Windows 10 (1903,1909,2004,20H2). -Supports Steam/Origin -Supports Intel/ Amd Features: Visuals Enemy ESP Enemy info (Name,Health bars/shield) Enemy distance Item ESP with filters Item distance Glow mod Aimbot Aimbot with Lock-on target Aim method selector Visible checks Smooth& FOV control adjustments Aim key - Changable Aim Bone - Changable (Head, Neck, Body) MISC Colorful palette changer Save/load presets add-on
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