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  • Splitgate HACKS by lavicheats.com Undetected Splitgate With ESP AIMBOT WALLHACK



    Ask someone who has played Splitgate - the thrill of this shooter game is simply unparalleled.

    1047 Studios’ flagship offering was launched back in 2019 as Splitgate Arena Warfare on Steam. However, a relaunch as ‘Splitgate’ on Twitch has resulted in a massive growth in the number of players. Their servers have, on multiple occasions, maxed out on gaming capacity forcing players to wait for 90+ minutes to be able to log in and play the game.


    This free-to-play game is a shooter-style game. It brings together the best of Halo and Portal. Thus, you can not only shoot and tackle your opponents, but also create portals and move from one part of the game to the next.


    Why Lavicheats Rogue Company hacks are best?

    Splitgate can get extremely competitive. We’ve seen players get hooked as they try to level up and beginners forced to move out being unable to keep up. So, if you want to have the upper hand, or if you’re a newbie who wants to join the fray with seasoned players, you could use Splitgate hacks.

    We know what you think. Hacks are unethical. Your system could be corrupted with a virus. Or worse still you could be detected by the game and banned from gameplay.

    We have you covered. Our undetected Splitgate hacks will help you navigate the game with ease and give your competitors a tough run for their money.

    Features of the Hacks

    The Splitgate hacks include wallhacks, Aimbots and ESP. The biggest advantage of using our Splitgate Hacks is that they are safe. Most online games make use of an anti-cheat system to protect from all kinds of interceptions.


    To add, the cheats are undetectable. The hacks are revised and reworked to keep up with the latest updates to ensure they remain undetected. A multi-layer security prevents the hacks from being discovered by the anti-cheat system.

    Splitgate Aimbot

    The Aimbot hack is the most common type of hack available on shooter-style games. It has left some of the most seasoned players extremely hassled.

    What does the Splitgate aimbot do? The aimbot cheat allows for more targeted aims.

    The aimbot pulls data from the game client. This includes information about a player's location on the map. The aimbotter allows you to lock your opponent’s position. Thus, you can tail them wherever they go and slay them with a single headshot.

    There are plenty of options when it comes to the Splitgate aimbot option. The first is the smoothness option. By controlling a jerky aim, it gives a player the perfect cover when aiming at an opponent. You sure won’t get caught. Along with the smoothness option, you will also have to factor in the aimbot FOV. It dictates the scope of the area within which the aimbot shall locate and lock-on targets.

    What’s more? You can determine where exactly you would like to take your opponent by selecting the bone or hitbox. While a headshot is what most of us would like to settle for, varying it will make the game more interesting and keep the suspicions away.

    The lock-on Splitgate ambibot hack can be customised by adjusting the settings. The one thing to keep in mind is that aimbots run the highest risk of being banned. However, the ability to configure the settings reduces the risk of a possible ban from using hacks.

    Splitgate Wallhack

    The Spiltgate wallhack does just what its name suggests. It helps players see through walls. How does the hack help?

    It modifies the structure and texture of the walls. It either removes the barrier of the wall or creates a transparent texture. The hack gives a player access to hidden information. You can track your opponent's whereabouts and come up with the best strategy to defeat them.

    Splitgate ESP

    Also called the extra sensory perception hack, this hack can help spot your opponents behind portals and metal walls. You will be able to pick up a player’s location as soon as they enter a portal.

    A Splitgate ESP hack goes one step further. Along with monitoring the position of your enemies, you can track the movements of your teammates too. This makes it easier to strategize and coordinate attacks.

    An ESP hack gives you even more information. In the small box displayed over a character’s head you can check their health status, the name tags, and the type of weapon they are carrying. Much like the aimbot, the ESP hack allows for customisation too. By enabling the glow option, you activate a subtle glow around the enemies that can be seen distinctly through walls.

    There is a hitbox function too. It displays targets (players) as hit boxes. Doing so perfects the aim and ensures a sure kill.

    In some guides or cheat sheets, the labels wallhack or ESP hack are used interchangeably. The reason for this is that the two hacks are kind of complementary in the way they function.

    Other SplitGate Hacks

    There are other Splitgate hacks that you can take advantage of too:
    You can use the Splitgate radar hack. The best feature of this app is that it is legal; the risk of a gaming ban using this cheat is the lowest. It is much like the ESP hack in that it tracks the whereabouts of your enemies.

    The only difference is that with the ESP hack you can view your enemy through a transparent wall. The radar hack identifies the exact position of an opponent on a radar overlay. You can move the overlay around the screen for better visibility. Color coding - using separate colors for enemies and allies - eliminates any confusion and helps you map out all positions at a glance.

    One of the challenges of playing Splitgate is actually getting a chance to log in and play. Given the wide popularity, waiting times are long. The Splitgate Queue Bypasser is designed to work around this issue. With this, you do not need to wait long hours; you simply unlock the queue and start playing.

    Selecting a Hack

    Choosing a Splitgate hack can be tricky especially if this is the first time you are using a hack.

    It generally starts with studying your gameplay. You need to understand the areas you are doing well and the moves that are likely putting you behind in your game.

    There are two ways to choose a Splitgate hack. You either want to choose a cheat that ups your current game, by improving something you are already good at. Alternatively, you can choose a hack to make up for something you are not very efficient at. Thus, for instance, if you are not very good at aims, the aimbot is your best bet.

    Accessing Splitgate Hacks Online

    Lavicheats Splitgate hacks are easy to access and use online. The process involves a website sign up. From there you can subscribe to the VIP member area and purchase hacks. The cheats are delivered instantly, within five minutes of purchase. The downloaded hacks can then be activated before gameplay and used during a game.

    The hacks support multiple gaming platforms thereby ensuring you enjoy your game whether you have an Xbox or a PlayStation. The service is also backed by a co-operative customer support team available round-the-clock for any kind of assistance.

    User Reviews


    I had some troubles at one point and the support was great and almost instantaneous fixed it for me

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Optiz



    I didnt knew fortnite undetected cheats existed but this cheats is far best the quality is top notch.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Ntioc



    After 1 week of use, I can say that- This fortnitehack tool looks amazing legit and menu is easy, simple and understandable.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Gunne



    The Hack works great and isn't detected, using hwid spoofer asweel.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Whela



    So been looking for a simple ESP since day 1 and finally i want cheats deliver. No bans or anything and it works great, been pwning noobs ever since i bought it.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Maary


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    • love the software so far. its good enough to keep the setting low and let it act as more of an aim assist than a snappy robotic aimbot
    • I have been searching for this hack and finally my search ended here. Best hack and works flawlessly. It can be a pain to get it started.  But worth every dollar spent. The hack is undetected and you will remain undetected based on how you use it. Never the less I am a permanently customer of Lavi Cheats. 5 star.
    • Good Morning , thank you lavicheats for providing best quality service ! keep it up
    • Trying to make my reviews a bit shorter now, So here we go.  Backstory, bought a bad cheat from a sh*t website a week ago, got banned and then bought this websites valorant spoofer and it works but got a delayed ban. Still though I managed to get unbanned my doing a manual spoof. Seeing how their spoofer worked I thought maybe their hacks work too, so i bought a 1 day valorant Hyperion and it worked wonders. Got a little getting used to but it definitely made my rank rise in that 1 day. Seeing how well it worked I'm currently buying the 1 week duration and ill update you guys on my rank after that one week. Price -- 7/10 You pay for the undetected part of the cheat imo  Functionality -- 8/10 Cheat works great but for some reason every time I play ranked around half time when we switch it decides to close it self, Why? idfk  Instructions -- 9/10 self explanatory, YOU NEED TO HAVE CFG ENABLED IT DOESNT SAY IT IN THE MANUAL BUT YOU NEED TO. everything else has to be turned off though Customer service -- 10/10 Nice staff. You do need to wait a bit because its only a few guys and hundreds of tickets but they get to you in a timely manner. the longest it took me was an hour or so. OVERALL -- 8.5/10 Very very good cheat will definitely help you get out of low ranked Elo hell. Mind you there is NO AIMBOT just walls and esp, so keep grinding aim labs and sooner or later you will be in higher ranked Elo. In just one day Started Bronze 1 Finished Bronze 3    
    • Hello i wanted to give my opinion on apex delta. To start with that the support i received from the lavi cheat providers cant be more professional and amazing guys guided me and made everything working in a matter of few minutes. The responses were quick and helpfull. i have used alot of different cheat producers and none of them were as helpfull and straight to the point. On battle log i always had to go through the same process sending a milions of screenshots where as here they knew what was exactly wrong and even if they weren't sure they found the solution and the problem in just a matter of few minutes. I am truly amazed at the Lavi team support thank you for everything and keep up the good work 😉  Discord name : ReeJ 6875
    • Like the name says, this is the cream of the crop. I can understand the premium price for this premium product. It was a little difficult to set-up. Personally I had to downgrade to another version of windows. Once everything was set, it was amazing. It can be a little confusing looking from one screen to the other for the radar. I personally unplugged all but one screen and used the overlay program to make my life easier. The GLOW is insane, and really helps pinpoint where people are located. The radar overlay simplifies all of the maps for easy raids. The silent aim is an anomaly to me, there were times when I thought it was working and other times when I didn't think it was working. Although, I did get out of 20/25 raids fat as heck, so no bad marks. I am just a dummy. If you need help, reach out to the helpful team and be patient, this can take sometime to sort out, its very worth it when it does work.
    • Its a little pricey in my opinion but I was desperate because valorant was one of the only games I actively play and manually spoofing every time I get banned is extremely annoying. Enough backstory and time to go into my review. I'm going to be rating everything from a scale of 1-5.  First of all I give it a 4 out of 5. why not a 5 out of 5? Well because I got banned again but I think its my own fault not sure yet. Rating on Price {3} :  again a little pricey for just a one time spoof but if you want to play valorant then you gotta do what you gotta do Rating on functionality {5} : the Spoofer DOES work though you really have no way of proving it until you install valorant again and check for yourself Rating on instructions  {4} : Instruction are clear for the most part though some people will have trouble on the updating bios section Customer service rating (3.5} : Though you do have to wait a bit for the ticket to be answered once it does you can expect a good service. If your really having a hard time sometimes they contact an admin to help you out reason its not a 4 or 5 is because the wait times. I know its not their fault because they probably get hundreds of tickets per day but waiting up to 30 min to an hour for support is annoying Overall this is a good spoofer for people who don't know how to manually spoof but I would probably add another step like resetting windows because I think there are some traces left behind when you spoof. Not fully sure but I think this what happened for me because when I spoofed I could play some games no problem but the next day I was banned again. I would buy again when I have the funds to do so until then ill just manually spoof until I get it right. Thanks for reading my review  Until Next Time, MstrDre  
    • I used this product for the first time ever this past weekend and absolutely loved it. The player ESP, item esp, and the aimbot work perfectly. I didnt come across any issues while using this product. It was super simple to download as @Lavi has a step by step walkthrough on everything you need to change to your pc to get it working. It is very easy to customize and turn aimbot, esp, ect off if dont want them to be used. You can also customize colors, adn distances of the player and item esp which is really helpful when trying to be able to see what you're looking for. I would recommend this product 10/10 and will 100% use again. 
    • When I first got the cheat, I did run into some problems but it was mostly on my end because I was new to using it but @Lavicame in clutch and helped me out. Once I was able to use it I had a lot of fun. Being honest it has a lot of good features that orion didn't have that I enjoyed. I would rate the aimbot out of 9/10 and the esp 10/10 because it felt like something new and I enjoyed trying the new things. Don't get me wrong I love orion and would use it any day but hybrid is a nice menu so if orion is down one day. Then buy hybrid and try something new but it might not have all features orion doesn't but it does all the basic needs which is great! When rating the whole cheat I'd give it a 10/10. Thats because it gets the job done and doesn't mess you up in anyway. Thank you Lavi for helping me when I needed it. ❤️ P.S I highly recommend one of the great spoofers on this website when you play with eft hybrid and any cheat in general!
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