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    Apex Legends is a popular free-to-play game. It’s developed by Respawn Entertainment, the same company behind the Titanfall series.
    On February 19, 2019, Apex Legends surprised players when the game was revealed and released on the same day.
    As of October 2019, Apex Legends attracted 70 million players worldwide — setting a huge milestone for Respawn Entertainment. More players are joining in on the Apex Legends hype, making it one of the most popular battle-royale games in history.
    If you’re struggling with Apex Legends, there are many Apex Legends cheats out there. Here’s a breakdown of each and how you can get these cheats.



    About Apex Legends

    Apex Legends is a battle-royale style game set in the same universe as Titanfall. It received serious popularity almost immediately because it’s extremely addictive.
    This game is renowned for its multiplayer mode (though the first-person player mode is also high-quality), the gameplay dynamics, and the character customization options.
    If this is your first time playing Apex Legends, you should understand some basic information about the game before downloading your Apex hack.

    apex legends cheats.png

    Apex legends Gameplay

    Apex Legends has a hero-shooter concept complete with high-quality and realistic graphics, an addictive storyline, and lots of weapons. To keep you hooked, the game features powerups, sequences, and plenty of unlockables.
    The basis of the game is to be the last player standing. You do this by building up your battling skills as well as your teammate’s skills. You make your way around the map, exploring different areas and improving your gameplay. To enhance your performance, you’ll find new weapons, unlock character abilities, and step up your stats by accomplishing different challenges.
    You can opt for single-player or multi-player mode. The game allows for three-person teams. The battles are challenging — you could be facing up to 100 opponents at a time! This is why you need some handy cheats on your side.


    Apex legends Characters

    You can choose between eight different character legends. These include:
    Lifeline – combat medic
    Bangalore – professional soldier
    Pathfinder – forward scout
    Bloodhound – technological tracker
    Caustic – toxic trapper
    Wraith – interdimensional skirmisher
    Gibraltar – shielded fortress
    Mirage – holographic trickster
    You have the flexibility to customize their appearance and even their voice. Keep in mind, if you’re playing in a team, you need a unique avatar for each team.

    How Do Apex Legends Hacks Work?

    The first thing you’ll need to know is to sign up for Apex Legends cheats and become a VIP member. You first purchase your access and download the hacks. The whole process takes less than five minutes and you can implement the cheats immediately. Our hacks work on all platforms, whether you play Apex Legends for PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

    The Best Apex Legends Hacks and Cheats

    Before buying some Apex cheats, you should understand the best hacks and how they will help your playing. Here’s a breakdown of each.


    The Apex Legends Chams program can give you many advantages. These include:

    • Change body color
    • Glowing team charms
    • Glowing enemy players
    • Shadow skin
    • Full wallhack

    If you truly want an all-in-one Apex Legends cheat, choose the Chams option.

    Apex Legends Wallhack Cheat

    All cheats for Apex Legends include the wallhack cheat. This is an extra sensory perception (ESP) hack, providing insight on enemies separated by a wall. You’ll also receive specific information such as their exact distance and their health.
    This is one of the most valuable hacks because it gives you a serious advantage as well as your whole team (if you’re playing in a team).

    apex legends wallhack.png

    Here’s what you can expect when using our wallhack cheat:

    • Configurable colors
    • Player health
    • Supply crate
    • Player class
    • Distance ESP
    • Player names
    • Bounding boxes
    • Player ESP
    • Player box ESP

    Do you want the wallhack with the aimbot cheat? You can choose a package with both of these hacks or only opt for the wallhack if you have great shooting.

    Aimbot Apex Cheat

    The only way to beat Apex Legends is by achieving professional-level aim. If you’re not at this level yet, you can improve your shooting techniques with the help of an Apex Legends aimbot.
    There are three types of aimbots: normal, silent, and Psilent.
    The normal aimbot locks on the target. This is a popular aimbot used by many players, including ones who shoot well. It not only has legit+rage use but this aimbot is flexible; you can alter it to your needs and preferences.
    The silent aimbot is ideal for rage shooters — and anyone who wants to do a lot of shooting.
    Unlike the normal aimbot, this one doesn’t lock on enemies. But the silent aimbot is still smart; if you shoot near enemies, the bullets will follow them. The enemies will still get hit if they’re behind walls.
    The Psilent aimbot is more modified than the silent aimbot. The Psilent aimbot is very close to legit aiming and you’ll catch your enemies off guard. This aimbot is popular for professional players and those who stream on Twitch and YouTube. Below are some of the benefits of the Psilent aimbot:

    • Tracks targets
    • Instant kills
    • Movement prediction
    • Targets the enemy’s head
    • Frame compensation
    • Farm XP
    • Auto aiming
    • Auto switch
    • Aim point
    • Speed shots
    • Human aim
    • Critical distance checks and alerts
    • Visibility target settings
    • Visibility mode
    • Bone prioritization
    • Penetration checks
    • Autofire
    • Smart target range
    • Advanced bone
    • Aim angles

    Overall, you’re not going to regret any of our aimbots.


    Our wallhack cheat also includes extras you won’t find in many other places. This includes:

    • No recoil
    • High damage
    • Anti-ban
    • No sway
    • High damage
    • No fog
    • Undetected
    • Clean screenshots
    • No smoke
    • Fully configurable
    • Clean videos
    • Proximity alerts
    • Profile system
    • Spectator protection

    All of these will throw enemies off guard, allowing you to quickly advance over them.


    We'll go more into detail about some of the removals, such as no spread and no recoil. But it's important to know all of the aspects you can remove to improve your gaming performance. These include:

    • No recoil
    • No fog
    • No spread
    • No smoke
    • No sway

    Your shots will become more accurate and you can make your way through the game flawlessly.


    You'll want to improve your shooting and overall gaming performance, but you'll also want to know when enemies are near. This is why the warnings cheat is useful. The warnings cheat will inform you when enemies are near and if any of them are aiming at you.

    Apex NoRecoil

    Recoil is the backward movement of the gun and it can severely impact your shooting performance. Fortunately, there's a cheat to remove recoil so you can continue shooting. No recoil also improves your shoots and you'll be able to kill enemies faster and more effectively.

    Apex NoSpread

    Spread and spray also affect the quality of your shots. Spread is the pattern the bullets follow when you shoot consecutively. Removing the spread will improve the performance of your shooting and you'll get more accurate shots.

    Apex 2D and 3D Radar

    This hack gives you a full view of the map, whether in 2D and 3D. Not only that, but you always know when an enemy is nearby.

    Apex Instant Kill

    All players want to know the fastest way to kill their enemies. There's no better way to eliminate your opponents than with the Instant Kill cheat. Just turn toward your enemies and click once. You'll kill them immediately.

    Why Our Cheats Are Undetected

    We have years’ worth of experience offering cheats and hacks for a variety of games. The same goes for Apex Legends. Our secret is updating our system when the game is updated. We make all changes within minutes and implement them offline.
    What makes us stand out is our process of making these cheats. We use different methods that bypass the game. In addition, we add multiple layers to the hacks so they’re hidden from the game.
    Download Apex Legends cheats and Hacks today!



    User Reviews



    LaviCheats is a legend, no one can deny it! They offers the best cheats for apex And all other games for a reasonable price and is a nice guy. I vouch for him!


     Rating: 5/5

    Member: Twon



    +rep. good seller. ive been buying from him for a long time.Cheats keys are really cheap Compared to Quality and i would recommend to buy from him.

    Rating: 5/5

    Member: KrinsX



    Undetected, very simple to use the radar and esp are very crisp and cause no frame drops.

    Rating: 5/5

    Member: Harry



    Vouching for lavi, best cheat provider i've found so far

    Rating: 5/5

    Member: Knife



    LaviCheats is affordable and reliable for Apex and other games .it's probably one of the best cheats I've used in a while, and I haven't been banned once by the report system or by EAC.

    Rating: 5/5

    Member: Drek



    After trying many providers on the internet i finally stumbled apon lavicheats and tried them for 24hours and i liked them alot, being in top100 NA , i am using silentaim feature and it looks very legit.

    Rating: 5/5

    Member: SINS



    THE ESP: esp have alot of features like box esp, skeleton esp including health and distance esp. THE AIMBOT: lavicheats has many aimbot types, silent,psilent and aimbot ibeen trying to test all recently, -Fov can be changable -recoil compensation and no spread features. -Aimbone selector[head,neck,chest]

    Rating: 5/5

    Member: joshack


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    • is there anyway I can change to orion from midnight. I made a big mistake because im using windows 10 version 2004. I don't want to change to older version because it would give me huge game frame drops. 
    • R6: Aimbot- I don't fuck with aimbot on R6.. too easy to be banned Esp- 10/10 There is not much else you can ask for. It has cav esp, head esp, health, distance. The glow is a big one for me I use daily. Everything you could need to play "legit" Undetectable- I have been using this on my main accounts to hop them up to champ as I only use esp and I have 0 reports and 0 bans. I was skeptical about using due to other reviews elsewhere, but If you keep an eye on the status page and DONT sign into previous banned accounts you will be safe. Just be smart and know what causes r6 bans. Valorant: Aimbot- 4/10. It is good if you are sniping or taking very spread out semi shots. There is no recoil prediction so It will not work for auto weapons. I suggest adding aimkey customization and the rating could go higher. Esp- 6.5/10 It has everything you need to be successful and rise to the top, but it works 50% of the time and cuts out a lot. It seems like the enemy esp does not show for enemies when they crouchwalk and pops back up when they move regular. Maphack- 10/10 I fucks with it. no explanation needed   I still prefer this over all other valorant and r6 providers even though some ratings I put are low. The Undetectable status is what has me returning 😄
    • guys if u need advise for set orion ask me , thanks to lavi best cheat ever !!!!! 2strongmahfriend
    • My experience from the past 2 months on Apex. -QC Spoofer, a fucking must if you plan on playing for more then just a few day's. Cleans traces, and spoofs everything that's needed for damn near every game. What else do you need from a spoofer? Been using it for over 2 months now only encountering one issue which was due to me not updating windows (silly me XD) so a solid 10/10 Apex Orion - Hands down a reliable rage cheat, has it's own spoofer and it's simple. No vis check, glow esp, or customizable aim key, but on the other hand, its undetected, aimbot has solid prediction( no beaming kids 500m away kind of shit but 200-300m and under you'll be fine), and the item esp is useful. All in all simple rage cheat, if you dont like a legit play style Orion is the way to go. 8/10 solid cheat considering minimal downtime.  Apex Midnight - my personal favorite legit cheat simply because of features and customizability. You got psilent aim, glow, bhopal,no recoil, prediction, item esp vischeck ect.. it's been undetected as far as I've used its which has been for about a month, I'm always comped time for updates aswell which is nice. I know alot of coders and providers that give dont bother with freezing or comping customers times. Updates do take a bit but if you've been cheating for a while you'll know it's worth it to patiently wait for updates, for feature rich cheats. Solid 9/10, would be 10/10 with quicker updates but I'm not one to truly care for quicker updates as it gives me time to check out other cheats. Apex esp/glow - simple glow esp/chams what else do you really need to know? Bright pink esp and no toggle with an easy and quick injection, oh wait and Undetected for almost a whole year? Easy 10/10, if you dont need an aimbot or, or wanna cheat with a minimal ban risk this is your way to go, oh also always updated within hours of game updates so damn near no downtime. (disclaimer, cheating is always a risk, dont come crying cause you got banned from raging, hwid ban, etc. if you're a well seasoned vet it comes down to the cheat detected or a slip up getting you banned as we all know)    Happy cheating!   
    • Holy hellllll. This thing is bomb. 10/10 would recommend.
    • 1V5 BY MAXIMUS Valorant from lavi cheats   
    • If i can ask what are you regular Settings are you using No recoil all the time ? and do you play the EFT Zeus chewat to? but very nice Review i will try Supreme in the Future :)
    • set :  360 aiming off          trigger off        no recoil off        fov 100       firing interval  950 ms      speed aim 0.1      visibility aim on   
    • Features 9.5/10 ESPs (Alot of ESPs) 9/10 Enemy ESP - Works well I prefer to have the outline box gone and use a skeleton ESP ontop of it. 10/10 Bot ESP - Exactly the same as enemy ESP but for bots. colors different. 10/10 Item ESP - Shows all loose items, stash locations, blue barrels, tool bags, etc... specific toggles for things like intel folder, tetris's, and graphic cards. Certain items don't show up that should in certain categories. overall very well done. 9/10 Extraction ESP - has all PMC extractions Missing some of the scav specific Extractions on multiple maps. 8/10 Aimbot (Very well designed) 9/10 FOV - this helps from making you snap 180 degrees and from looking like a bot. 10/10 Lock On - this is really nice so you don't have to manually track players to hit them. 10/10 Target selector - keeps you from getting only headshots and having a flagged account. 10/10 smooth - helps making your player snap unrealisticlly quick to people. 10/10  max distance - keeps you from Aimboting people and locking on to people to far away. The lowest it can go is 500 meters sadly, wish you could set it to soomething lower like 100m to keep you more legit. 8/10  adjustable AB key. 10/10 Adjusts for your zero setting. which is nice 10/10 Misc Settings No Recoil - This is the best part of the cheat and works amazingly. 10/10 Crosshair - Adds a crosshair to the screen, cross, t-shape, dot, or circle. 10/10 colors - you can change the various colors of the cheat. 10/10  Security 10/10 So far my account has not been banned after about 3-4 weeks of daily use. No messages calling my account a cheater. overall most of the cheats in this cheats are hard to be detected by users, so it helps keeping reports low on your account and not getting looked into by BE/BSG. Very light software no hits to FPS. Over the features provided make you damn near hard to kill and look legit while doing it. Overall i've never seen this cheat detected and that also adds some comfort to this cheat know that you dont have to worry about constant detections and the cheat being down.  Support 10/10 Lavi's support is good, the community also is very knowledgable and can help with any issues you have as well.  Suggestions Expand the ESP to have categories and then drop down menus to select certain items or an entire category as a whole. This would be nice so i can look for a certain item without having 500 markers on the screen when i turn on all items becuase the item i'm looking for doesn't have its own selector. Screen gets cluttered from all items regardless of the render distance selected in some areas (Like dorms on customs.)  Prediction for the Aimbot for moving targets. the AB is fairly inaccurate on moving targets and sometimes it's betting to just turn lock on off to hit a moving target.  Have the Aimbot adjust for distance from target, anything past 150m you want to manually move the crosshair higher to hit where you want to hit.  Conclusion This is a great cheat for EFT and the best I've tried so far. I would reccomend this to anyone wanting to try a cheat out. 
    • Aimbot: the aimbot isnt very good when it comes to using and assault rifle or the m249 i would personally only use the aimbot when using a sniper
    • set :  360 aiming off          trigger off        no recoil off        fov 100       firing interval  950 ms      speed aim 0.1      visibility aim on   
    • Hello there again. This is Synyster jr. and today I will expose my personal valorations and experience with QC Spoofer. To be more precise, this review will be mainly focused on QC Spoofer for BattlEye's Rainbow 6 Siege, which is the game I play. Nonetheless, I can also speak in behalf of my friends whom I recommended QC for a bunch of other BattlEye / Easy Anti-Cheat games such as ArmA 3, Apex Legends, Rust, etc. Loader, the QC loader is simple and one-way traffic. It gladly amazes me how intuitive the loader is to use, but you need to use your brain to follow the steps properly, although Lavi provides an in-depth manual for first-time users' registration, as well as key activation and injection. There isn't much to comment along those lines. I will just remark that you need to read the manual carefully and proceed accordingly. In my usage time with QC, I have noticed just one bug which is at running the QC for the first time after a PC reboot. I needed to run QC twice because the spoofer wasn't responding. Besides, QC's loader works pretty well. Injection, once you are logged in onto the loader and after key activation, you will need to choose what anti-cheat you wish to bypass. It is extremely important that you know what anti-cheat your game works with, either BattlEye or Easy Anti-Cheat, and then select one. In my particular case, I have always chosen the BattlEye spoofer, and the injection modifies the necessary data which resulted in a successful HWID change that allowed me to bypass my HWID ban in R6S. Safeness, generally QC undergoes internal maintenance once in a while to ensure it remains undetected by the anti-cheats. A detected HWID Spoofer does nothing because the method in order to spoof is/has been detected by said anti-cheats. Always make sure before injecting that on the loader it says the spoofer is undetected. It is by default not recommended using the spoofer under Testing status. Remember that your goal is to avoid being banned (again). Spoofer experience, all in all, QC has allowed me to play on a flagged HWID by BattlEye for one full week, which was my goal and it has issued me no trouble at all. Restarting your PC is required to revert the changes though. Price-Quality balance, it is important to do constructive criticism about the price. We all pay enough for undetected cheats and an additional fee for a HWID Spoofer might be some sort of throw-back for some users. QC is, if I recall correctly, a renowned HWID Spoofer which has been improved over time, and thus it's a solid Spoofer as of today. If I were you I would give it a shoot because normally, you get what you pay for, and QC hasn't upset me at all! My overall score for QC:   8.5 / 10
    • i disable skeleton and distance ,  for aimbot  i put head i set smooth at 17, my fov it s 12  and set to left click mouse
    • Bought cheats works great and loves it ! i will but it again this week ! thx!   
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