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  • Valorant cheats and hacks,  - AIMBOT, ESP, Wallhack

    UNDETECTED AND SAFEST  Valorant cheats, Hacks and ESP - An Early review


    Valorant - the new game in the town, has captured the attention of every gamer. Gaming enthusiasts are playing the game in bulk. Cheats, hacks for Valorant are not that common since it's a new game and just launched recently but we released Valorant cheats to provide an early support to our community. it is a free game, so a lot of users are playing Valorant and want to try the hacks. We are proud that our team is highly dedicated in bringing Valorant's cheats and hacks for users. 




    Valorant hacks provided by lavicheats contain a lot of features. The cheats perform without any fps drops and game performance loss. The valorant cheats listed on our website are completely safe to use. Our Valorant hacks have numerous features and qualities without any fps drops and game performance loss. The user base is quite large and many users want to try the cheats and hack tools to advance quickly in the game.


    Why should you buy Valorant hacks from Lavicheats?

    • From the last 5 years, we are providing undetected and safest cheats for most online games. We always put safety above everything else.
    • Private Community.
    • Zero bans since release.
    • Dedicated text manuals and video guides on how to setup your PC.
    • 24x7 Support by our team members.

    Get Valorant cheats and hacks

    Features: Valorant Hack/Cheat Features


    • Enemy ESP: Esp means enemies can be seen through any objects or walls at all times.
    • Enemy info(distance/health): You can see the enemy's health and distance from your position so you can plan your strategy accordingly.


    • Accurate Aimbot:best aimbot for valorant

    • Aimkey configurable:You can change the aimbot activation key to any button of your choice, like LMB, RMB, or any other keyboard key.
    • Smooth & FOV Slider: Fov is aimbot field of view and smooth is aimbot smoothness, it is changeable in the hack menu to increase or decrease according to your needs.
    • Visible checks active: Visible check if turned on, then the aimbot will not lock to the enemies through walls, while legit hacking turning this option on is recommended.
    • Select bones [head, neck, spine, chest, etc]: in the hack menu you can change settings and make aimbot hit enemies on selected aimbones like head or neck.
    • Recoil compensation: Every gun goes up when you fire in Valorant depending upon its recoil. So No recoil means that when you fire your gun remains stable without going up or sideways.

    Valorant Aimbot

    Our undetected valorant hack includes aimbot. The aimbots we provide for valorant legends have two settings: Rage Aimbot and legit aimbot The rage aimbot will target enemies through walls and lock on to them. This option is used for Rage killing and when your intent is to kill every enemy. The legit aimbot will not lock enemies through walls and will look more humanized. It is good for streamers and people who want to stay safer and want no one to find out that you're using a hack. Valorant aimbot is very accurate, and at the same time, it looks very legit and humanized when teammates and opposite team members are spectating you.


    Valorant Wallhack ESP [See enemy through walls]

    Wallhack is also known as ESP and it allows you to see enemies through walls and other obstacles and objects. Valorant ESP is very important when using a cheat; so you can plan your strategy. You can use our simple valorant cheat and can kill the opposite team all by yourself.


    valorant cheats and hacks


    Valorant hack prices

    Our hacks are not that expensive considering the quality we provide. We tested the cheats with our old user base and has turned out to give positive results so far.

    Undetected Valorant hacks

    If a player is caught using a hack or cheat, then he/she is at a risk of facing a lifetime ban, that's why our hacks are Livestream proof(for example- YouTube/Twitch), anti-cheat proof and spectator proof, it means that anyone who is watching you play can't possibly tell if you are using hacks. The safety of our cheats is the number one concern for us.

    Legit and Rage Features

    Our valorant hack includes both legit as well as rage features. So, you can choose any type of playstyle. Our valorant cheats come with 2 Aimbot options: Rage aimbot and Legit aimbot.
    When you are playing with your friends, we recommend using legit aimbot option, So that they will never suspect that you are using a hack or a cheat.


    Are Valorant cheats safe?

    Games with Anti-cheat security are difficult to hack. So, you stay undetected. Our coders are always online to update anti-detectable cheats and ensure that it’s safe to use our cheats. We also test our cheats numerous times every day. If any cheat becomes outdated or offline, we update our status page immediately. You can check our status page here.


    Valorant Anti-Cheat System:

    When you buy  cheats from us, we will teach you how to stay protected and avoid being detected by many of the anti-cheat software out there; like vanguard drivers. Your security from getting banned is highly unlikely. You will get protection from the following:


    • Riot Vanguard Anti-Cheat
    • Video Proof
    • Protection from Spectators

    User Reviews


    +1 Vouch, works perfectly fine and is super smooth. Great cheese overall. 10/10 will b using for the foreseeable future and surely keep buying monthly.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Moth



    Just bought a month, working as intended. ESP does it job and aim assist very smooth. Easy to use to, no detection yet. the price is well worth for the high quality and security.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Oni



    Been using it for over 3 days now, no bans or anything. Cheat works great with no issues at all, great Site for valorant cheats. +rep. 5/5 rating.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: aRAnt



    Been using lavicheats valorant hacks for 2 days now they are very good , they have in-depth guides on website for all users. The best feature i liked is legit aimbot my friends never found out that i was hacking they legit think i play like shroud.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Henry



    Loved the support.

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Prinne

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