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  • How to Avoid Getting Banned In Warzone While Cheating

    Call of duty Series is popular for forcing a strong shadow ban on players using cheats. If you find yourself stuck in lobbies with <350ms ping, your account has been shadow banned. However, You can still play the game with no problems, but you'll only be put into lobbies with other shadow-banned players.

    These bans usually expire and typically last for two weeks before you can play in normal warzone lobbies. This guide is on how you can avoid being banned in the first place, not if you are already banned. Jump to the end of the article to learn what to do after you have been banned.

    ⦁ Being too obvious or receiving too many manual reports from other players in a short period of time.
    ⦁ Exceeding 12 kills in a single match on a fresh account. (for Call of Duty: Warzone only)       

    ⦁ Use legitimate aimbot settings (slow aimbot speed and low FOV) to avoid being reported by other players.
    ⦁ Use an HWID Spoofer only if you've been banned. Our most popular one is Ultron Spoofer.
    ⦁ Use Batlle.net and Activision accounts that are at least three months old. These accounts do not have a ‘kill count’ limitation.
    ⦁ Make Sure not to use cheap or free cheats from other internet providers. Only use premium cheats from trusted providers like LaviCheats.



    ⦁ Early-level/new users raging or going ham will most likely ban you.
    ⦁ If you use aimbot, make sure you use high smoothing/noise values and do not use default settings.
    ⦁ Do not pre-fire or aim toward enemies through walls before you can physically see them in the open. Do not have high-kill count matches or high-damage games consistently.
    ⦁ Warm up your account and age it before using aimbot. Also, stay 4 -8 kills a game. Get to level 40+ before going on a killing spree. (WE WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW THESE STEPS AND GET BANNED)
    ⦁ Only play with certain features once you get higher ranked. No heavy pushing with ESP or pre-firing unless you can see the enemy. 
    ⦁ No playing with aimbot until your account level is at least 40. Don't use rage settings. Avoid using high ‘no-recoil’ settings as well.
    ⦁ Do not push your enemies on the map like you wouldn’t without ESP.



    If you be so kind as to follow these above steps curated specially for you by our developers, then you will not be shadowbanned by manual reports or by server.

    Sadly, if you have been rage-killing on a new account or being too obvious with ESP pretending to be a ‘superhero’ and have already been Hwid Banned in any of the previous or new Call of Duty Series, then check out our guide on how to remove shadow ban on your PC

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