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War Thunder Mirage

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-Supports Windows 10 : (2004, 20H2, 21H1,21H2,22H2) / Windows 11 : All Versions
-Supports Amd/ Intel Both



  • Aim Assist
  • Aimbot Key Changeable


  • Boxes of opponents
  • 3D tank gun direction
  • Displaying player nicknames
  • Counter of live opponents by vehicle class
  • 2D radar display
  • Custom color settings
  • Resizable interface
  • Unit Glow - highlighting the contours of tanks
  • Distance - distance to the target
  • Reload - time and state of enemy weapon reloading
  • Increased distance for Penetration Crosshair (2000m)
  • Bomb/missile display
  • Calculating Lead Point for a Shot (Ballistic Calculator)
  • Arrows pointing at the enemy



  • Arcade sight with armor penetration marker (SB, RB, AB)
  • Changing the magnification of the sight
  • Min. multiplicity
  • Max. multiplicity
  • Dimming the sight
  • Penetration Crosshair (arcade scope with armor penetration calculator)
  • In-game missile sight on any aircraft with missiles
  • In-game bombsight on any aircraft with bombs (ballistic computer)
  • Aircraft arcade lead marker
  • Increased distance for Penetration Crosshair (2000m)
  • 3rd person view for SB mode


mirage menu3.webp
mirage menu2.webp
mirage menu1.webp
esp in warthunder.webp
war thunder esp.webp

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