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    Introduction and video
    Plans and pricing
    Description: PUBG Hacks and Cheats
    PUBG Hack/Cheat Features
    Why Lavicheats is the best coders of PUBG hacks out there?
    Playerunknown Battlegrounds Hacks – Why we are Safest Cheats  Provider
    PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Gameplay: Become a Battle Royale Master
    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Overview
    PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Shooter Gameplay Strategy
    Three Types of Aiming in PUBG
    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Download, Purchase and Price
    User reviews


    Introduction and video

    Yes, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Hacks do exist and LaviCheats is the first website to release Undetected cheats for the game and we updated daily when the developers updated the game.


    Plans and Pricing

    PUBG Premium 24 hrs VIP Access PUBG Premium 30 days VIP Access
    Starting from $9.9 Starting from $120
    Enemy ESP SkeletonEsp Enemy ESP SkeletonEsp
    Bounding Boxes Bounding Boxes
    Distance Distance
    Enemy Name Enemy Name
    Aimbot Aimbot
    FOV customizable FOV customizable
    Aim key configurable Aim key configurable
    Aim bone selector Aim bone selector
    Grenade aimbot Grenade aimbot
    Item ESP Item ESP
    2D radar 2D radar

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    PUBG hacks is one of our premium product. With this product of ours you can just aim to win. It is completely undetectable and moreover it includes Wallhack, bounding boxes, name ESP, Always win, vehicle hits and much more. Now, we are giving flying cars hack too.

    PUBG Hack/Cheat Features

    Name ESP - PUBG hack

    ESP Stands for Extra Sensory Perception and is a type of compromise in the game. This enables the user to spectate the game as a third party and one can see the name of every other player anywhere on the map.

    PUBG Wallhack

    PUBG wallhack, as the name suggests, helps user to see through the wall. Users/players can see ammunition, enemies, supply drops and other fundamental items through the walls. This one hack allows effortless looting and killing of the enemies.

    Bounding Boxes/ ESP Boxes

    Bounding boxes is a type of cheat that helps users to see other players much easier by having ESP boxes around them.

    PUBG Always win

    Always win PUBG hack enables users/players to hide and that too hide in such a way that hidden player can always view the enemy, their movement and also stay near the center of zones.

    Vehicle hits

    Players can use vehicle to get transported from one place to other while playing the game. The vehicle hits hack permits users to run over and crush more people when they run for new zone by always being able to see them running.

    PUBG Zone surprises

    Surprise the enemies. Just wait patiently in the new zone for the enemy to enter and once they enter the zone, kill them right away. Total SURPRISE!

    PUBG Aimbot hack

    Aimbot, as per the name, this helps users to aim. Just hit one button, aim, lock and go on a killing spree. This helps the users to kill the enemy faster.


    Plenty of measure being taken but you will be undetected by BattlEye or Anti-cheat measures if you follow the directions as intructed.

    PUBG Fly Cars

    Ah! Flying cars are still not detectable. Use it wisely and as per the directions.

    Various Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Hacks are super popular and only VIP cheats should be used (paid cheats), don’t use anything free or you’ll get banned for sure!

    Why Lavicheats.com is the best coders of Pubg hacks out there?

    Lavicheats is a leading provider of effective and high-quality cheats and hacks for different gameplays, including PUBG, Rust, COD: Modern, Apex legends and Overwatch. Our developers create and provide hands-on gameplay cheats that help the online players crank up their XP, level up their progress rapidly, win all the battles, and complete the games without any difficulty.

    Aimbot, radar hack, wallhack, ESP hack, no recoil; these are some of the cheats and features integrated into our comprehensive, stacked PUBG cheats and hacks package. Using our custom PUBG hacks and cheats allows you to discover a multitude of weapons and resources, find the best spots in Miramar and Erangel to get the most loot, and easily kill your enemies, giving you a leg-up in the battleground. 


    Are you still Thinking?

    Playerunknown Battlegrounds Hacks – Why we are Safest Cheats  Provider

    Our developers at Lavicheats have designed metamorphic cheats with signature methods and custom, encrypted code to ensure that they stay undetectable to various anti-cheat software and tools, including BattleEye, VAC, and Xenuine. That means you can exploit the cheats and beat your competitors effortlessly without having to learn any skills and worry about getting caught or getting your account banned by invasive anti-cheat software.

    PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Gameplay: Become a Battle Royale Master 

    Developed and launched by the Korean Studio, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a multiplayer battle royale gameplay featuring an intense plot with a heady mix of actions and incredible depth and immensity in relation to the mechanics and visuals. In this fast-paced gameplay, the online players usually find themselves trapped and dying a lot more than they think. With the help of Lavicheats PUBG cheats and hacks, you can easily beat the system and be victorious throughout the entire battle. 

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Overview

    PUBG is not a conventional shooting game rather it’s a brutal, rigorous royale war, which is all about fighting and surviving until the final circle. The gameplay starts with 100 players alighting from the plane on an isolated island where they are required to collect weapons and equipment, find the loot, and kill each other until one person remains alive. That person wins the battle and is pronounced the winner. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay is available on iOS, Xbox One, PS, Android, and PC as well.

    General Flow of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 

    • When the player starts the game, it’s essential to pick the perfect initial landing location to find the best weapons, ammo, gears, armors, medical-packs, food, and other assets.  However, the place with most loot usually has a very high risk, thus ensure that you are ready to get engaged with abrupt gunfights. The degree of risk the players face would depend on the quality and quantity of the loot obtainable at a place. High-traffic locations and areas, like metropolis and major cities & towns, have the best loot and equipment to offer.
    • Then, when you land and find the safe spot, your next priority should be gearing up to keep yourself protected against any initial skirmishes. The essentials you would require are a gun, backpack, helmet, body vest, food, first-aid kit, and other items. You’ll find all the essential loot, resources, and items needed to keep going scattered around, including supply crates, buildings, houses, and other places.
    • When looting weapons, foods, and equipment on your own, always find a secure point nearby so you can catch your breath and defend yourself in case of emergency or abrupt stand-up fight. The players need to know their weapons & ammunition and utilize them wisely.

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Gears, Equipment, and Other Items

    The PUBG players should keep in mind that all the gears, armors, and weapons they discover during the gameplay are not equal. A gear’s effectiveness, protection support, durability, and damage reduction depend on its level. For instance, a level 3 body armor offers more damage reduction, capacity, and durability than a level 1 body armor.

    The higher the level of the gear, be it a helmet, armor, or bulletproof vest, the more benefits and lesser damage you will get, increasing your chance of survival in the game consequently. Using our PlayerUnknown’s Battleground cheats and hacks helps you to find and collect a higher level gears and solid collections of advanced weapons effortlessly.

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Best Settings and Controls

    There’s a number of settings and control options for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. According to your game strategy and what device you are using to play the game, you can test and adjust the settings to get better performance and score more kills.

    • Packing away your weapons allows you to walk or run 6 percent faster.
    • You can choose between First Person Perspective (FPP) and Third Person Perspective (TPP) based on your skill level. The FPP is considered to be more aggressive, needs more skills, and mimics a realistic experience and feel compared to FPP. So choose wisely.
    • Removing your shoes and taking a stroll barefoot in the pre-game enables you to noticeably quieter on different types of surfaces in the PUBG gameplay.
    • According to the device’s capabilities, adjust the quality of graphics. For instance, if the game is loading slow and crashing frame or if your device’s battery is low, reduce the graphics quality, frame rate, and game style. Different types and options you can select from:
    • Graphics Quality: Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, Ultra HD
    • Frame Rate: Low, Medium, High, Ultra
    • Game Style: Classic, Colorful, Realistic, Soft
    • You can enable the ‘Peek & Fire’ toggle button to sneak a glance and fire from behind cover without exposing your body and getting noticed by other players.
    • The player can choose between different game modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad
    • Solo: to play alone
    • Duo: to team up your pal
    • Squad: to play in a team
    • You can choose between different servers and also change the server later. Always check your server ping before starting the game.
    • PUBG comes with the ‘Aim Assist’ feature. Turning on ‘Aim Assist’ helps players to kill their enemies quickly and make certain gunshots that they otherwise might miss. 
    • The player can turn on the ‘The Left Side Fire’ toggle to aim and shoot at the same time. You can take the aim with your right hand while constantly firing off with your left.
    • You can enable ‘Auto-Open Doors’ within your game settings. Doing so enables you to go inside structures and buildings quickly without the need for repetitively hitting the door button.

    PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Shooter Gameplay Strategy

    When it comes to the game plan, PUBG focuses on two main strategies: Rampage killings and Hiding away.

    The players can either go on a horrific killing spree, taking out all of your enemies or find a hiding spot to protect themselves until the time is right. While going wild and whacky can give you the slightest benefit over the later approach and offer more rewards and points at the successful completion of the game, the results, either positive or negative, greatly depend on the weapons and equipment you get. And like other players, you will start a fight without any weapon and need to hunt for weapons, ammo, guns, and other items in buildings and other areas. Got a long-range machine gun with the best scope and a level-3 Spetsnaz helmet and want to get into firefights, go ahead.

    A powerful gun or rifle that covers a wide area and has an impressive damage capacity, magazine capacity, and bullet speed will surely help you kill your enemies and dominate the area easily. However, sometimes it’s only wise to stay hidden and not get into any unnecessary clashes, as it would be effective in the long run. Based on your game strategy, weapon stock, and skills, decide when and how to hide and back away or engage in fights. 

    Three Types of Aiming in PUBG

    • Hip Fire
    • A More Accurate Hip-Fire
    • Aiming Down Sights (ADS)

    Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Download Purchase and Price

    Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was launched on early access and earned an estimated $11 million in just three days, which gives it the first spot on the Steam sales chart. The game has been receiving appreciation since its launch, with 3.5k+ Twitter streams and 150k+ concurrent views at one time.

    Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is available on Steam Early Access. So, all action game lovers, pre-order now with the standard edition available at $29.00 .
    But as Lavicheats is the Heaven for all the Cheaters.  We Sell  PUBG ACCOUNTS AT  $12.00  JUST FOR OUR BUYERS.


    User Reviews

    Read the reviews of our PUBG cheats and hacks from users:


    Used both of these cheats for PUBG. Both are great cheats to use. Walker im currently using which is great, i wanted lavicheats to make it more smooth but it works perfectly. Lavi will help you out if you have any issues . Purchase today and you will not be dissapointed. i give it 5/5 rating

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: mamot



    I was many times scammed. I have tried a lot of Hacks and I was on lot of forums and websites. But Lavi is best in every category. Lavicheats website (Chat, manuals and all what you need) - 10/10

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Kate



    ++rep. I have been buying from Lavi for close to two years now and can still say that he is extremly helpful and accomodating. I will recommend him to people looking for great cheats and great prices with great support!

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: billy



    i definitely vouch for this guy...bought NOVA but had some issues and didnt managed to play good with it and this guy gave me a free key without even asked him for a free key and updated Cheat without bugs. Also tested Walker and its fucking OP....i will definitely buy only from him my cheats....

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Freak



    i bought a 1 day key. Purchase and setup was done in 5 minutes. ESP (Private) works as expected - will definitely buy again

    Rating: 5/5


    Member: Kylie

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    • I found that its better to manually find targets than turn it on and off, or un-ads to switch targets but other than that the only issue I found was that the esp would sometimes show the dead players that a person killed which is pretty cool but I wish you could toggle that off  
    • Still working on getting my settings down to fit.  Any chance you could share yours, just so I could see if they work for me as well? 🙂
    • There aren't many features but that's because it's brand new. Everything works fine once you get passed the semi tedious installation. the aimbot needs to be made a little more human-like. I tried turning off auto snap to Target and it didn't fix the instant snaps. You can easily win games with this cheat and my only suggestion is a prediction feature since this CoD has bullet drop and long travel times so it misses a lot at long range.
    • The rust army cheat exceeded my expectations to say the least. Best part, no bans and comes with HWID spoofer. The cherry on top was the fact that the amount of feature and quality of features were fuckin A1. Definitely recommended. 👌
    • Keep in mind: I only used settings that made me look as legit as possible while absolutely dominating the other team. there were very few times i went full rage mode just to test it   First things first: Anticheat- This cheat is NOT detected by battleye/fairfight. I bought the 24 hour version, it's all good so far.   ESP- Works fuckin beautifully, had a few problems with misjudging the distance between myself and the enemy. accidentally shot a wall. Head/Skeleton ESP- Also very nice, works pretty decently the ESP also shows you your aimbot FOV and a crosshair which works well.   ESP Overall: 9/10    Aimbot- . If you  want to play legit at ALL, this is for you. I personally played with the FOV set to about 15 and the smooth to 5-10. Other than that: Very nice aimbot, works as intended-ish. You can choose between "Distance" and "Close to crosshair"    Aimbot Overall: 8/10    Misc- No recoil, No spread, and No flash. all working as intended. Misc Overall: 10/10   Customization Overall: 8/10. You lock onto people through walls and shit...no speed/operator unlocks/etc   Overall: 8/10 
    • I'm now on my 2nd month using Army: 10/10 overall Used Army to bring 2 fresh accounts to level 50+ as well as Platinum Rank. Once you adjust settings to match your playstyle you will never want to use any other product
    • Lavicheats  Rust  Cheat Aimbot: The aimbot is a really useful tool for getting free gear sets while looking amazing -  A nice tip if you're not raging is when using a crossbow at a guy further than 100m - turn on aim head & it'll usually body shot instead of miss. ESP: ESP is a very useful tool for gathering information on your enemy/surroundings - prersonally when doing sulfur runs / scrap runs I use it to avoid people. Also very useful for finding the one cunt's base that won't stop talking shit in chat Debug: The Debug Camera is very uh.. special? Of course it's great to check out a base, see the best possible way to blow in - also the amount of explosives you'll need. Other Misc: Spiderman is nice if you want to try and snag free loot OR easily do the parkour in sewer branch / train yard - slide walking I haven't used as I'm not sure what it looks like to other people. Overall: 9/10 - E-book does it's purpose very well, and going on 16-20 hours now, not even a single accusation.
    • First off lets start with Pros >It's very simple to use not confusing at all >Aimbot has some great for potential for rage and legit cheating >Simple to inject Cons > It seems when i had operator name on when loading into a game it caused it to close entirely  > Skeleton esp is kinda weird not really a full skeleton
    • Très surpris du travail de Lavi sur R6 continue comme ça un bon travail pour lui satisfait! 🙂 
    • I used the EFT Rain from Lavi for the first time. It easily exceeded expectations for Cheat. Beginners also don't get this quality at a lower price than the easy-to-manage UI and other nuclei. I think the users who use this for the first time except me will also be satisfied. Updates are also frequent and provide us with the right system. I think highly of the Lavi that develops this nucleus. Let's hope for more development and prosperity of Lavi Cheat in the future!
    • Honest Review: Esp : 8/10 , Currently issues is with the zoom in that the boxes sometimes disappear with specific scopes , meter check works out great, colors can be changed, everything works great in that regard. Aim : Unknown, i would call it out a solid 7/10 but i have not used it since it lacks in sight check aka not directly aiming at someone through a wall on activation , if that is fixed 10/10 Item Esp : You can edit to look for what you want and how far away, works just as described and works perfectly with no issues 10/10 Currently : No ban So thats perfect, One issue which is honestly a thing that can be fixed, is there tend to be some fps drops even tho i shouldnt have any, but its not major issue, can most likely be sorted with the devs.
    • First Well Start Off With Area ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pros:  ⬤ It's Very Simple To Use ⬤ It Has Very Good Features For The Price ⬤ The Aimbot Is Very Good Especially With Fast Bullet ⬤ The Cheat Also Comes With Skins Which Is Pretty Cool ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cons: ⬤ You Can Only Use The Cheat In Windowed Mode ⬤ Low FPS Because Of Windowed Mode ⬤ The ESP is alright but it needs some work it blinks A lot ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: ⬤ Add A Menu To The Cheat ⬤ Make More Features Togglable  ⬤ Add Visibility Check To The Aimbot ⬤ Make The Aimbot Less Snappy  ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⬤ Overall Score For Area 7/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright Let's Move Onto Army ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pros: ⬤  Army Has A lot Of Esp Features Which Is Very Nice From Player Esp To NPC ⬤  The Aimbot Is Also Very Customizable I Really Like That It Has Smoothness To Make The Aimbot More Legit ⬤  The Price Is Amazing For A Cheat With Silent Aim Definitely The Cheapest Cheat With Silent Aim I've Seen ⬤  I Love The Misc Features Especially Silent Heal So You Don't Have To Manually Heal You Can Just Hold The Item In Your Hand And It Heals You ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cons: ⬤  The Silent Aim Could Be Reworked Its Not That Great With Guns But Its Very Good With Bow / Nail Gun ⬤  The Panic Button Shouldn't Be In The Menu It Should Be Key Binded To End Or Another Key I've Clicked It Many Times When Trying To Enable Features In Misc ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honestly This Cheat Doesn't Have Many Cons It's A Very Good Cheat And I Would Recommend It ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: ⬤  Add A Keybind For The Panic Button Instead Of Having It In The Menu ⬤  Silent Aim Needs Reworked For Guns ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks For Reading My Review And I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day
    • Of all the cheats iv tries i can say honestly that midnight is one of the best out there, ESP is nice and clean, aimbot feels smooth and is definitely one of the better ones out there.
    • Used both of these cheats for PUBG. Both are great cheats to use. Cherry im currently using which is great, needs a little work and a few updates to make it more smooth but it works perfectly. Lavi will help you out if you have any issues but he is busy with lots of messages so give it time for a response. Purchase today and you will not be dissapointed.
    • Works perfect! Very easy to use. If you have any technical trouble, lavi will help you with it!  Keep it up!    
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