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  • 5 Flopped PC Games (2024)

    Video games are a powerful medium. So much so that they've surpassed Hollywood films in revenue. However, many developers rush to get their titles out or set their sights too high, experiencing flop after flop as a result.

    And it isn't just small-town devs/studios that get too big for their boots — large AAA developers are also prone to failures, creating games that seem like a good idea but don't get the anticipated traction or community-wide adoration. The studios behind Lost Ark, Back 4 Blood, PUBG Lite, Hyper Scape, and Spellbreak know this all too well.

    Stick with us as we explore the reasons behind these well-known flops.

    5 PC Games that Died a Death

    Back 4 Blood

    Following three expansions, Turtle Rock Studios decided to close Back 4 Blood content creation, giving the team time to work on their next big project. However, players came up with another reason for switching focus — the myriad of bugs, problems, and network issues that frequently made the game frustrating.

    Whatever the real reason, don't expect new content from this title anymore!

    PUBG Lite

    PUBG Lite's developer, Krafton, shut down the free-to-play game on April 29, 2021. The title was supposed to be a less technically demanding iteration of Playerunknown's Battelgrounds, allowing those without high-powered PCs to get in on the action.

    Krafton didn't offer a reason for the shutdown. However, you'd be forgiven for assuming it's due to the minimal player base it achieved.

    Lost Ark

    Upon its release, Lost Ark dominated Twitch, with many of your (and our) favorite streamers getting involved. Boasting 1.3 million concurrent viewers on the platform, there are few games that hit the ground sprinting, giving this MMORPG an incredibly strong beginning.

    However, within just 12 months, the peak viewer count had reduced to just 10,000. And despite it picking up again at the end of 2023 after a massive update, players dropped rapidly from 60,000 to 11,700, prompting the beginning of the end for this once popular title.


    Initially, Spellbreak garnered loads of fans. The magical twist on the popular battle royale formula revitalized the genre, allowing players to experiment with deadly spell combinations instead of bullet torrents.

    But less than three years into its lifespan, developer Proletariat declared the game was shutting down for good. Fans were devastated, but the reasons for discontinuing were reasonable. Even though its inventive gameplay was met with critical praise, Spellbreak never managed to acquire a high player count.

    That said, if you were a fan of the game, it's safe to say you were devastated as the curtains closed. You may have even joined streamer IXITimmyIXI in the title's final moments by dancing, chatting, and firing off friendly spells to offer a fond farewell.

    Hyper Scape

    You probably don't remember Hyper Scape. And if you do, you likely remember its community manager who went on a Twitter rampage. Not a good look, but at least something stuck, right?

    Regardless, Ubisoft pulled the plug on the title on April 28, 2022, due to the little traction it gained following its August 2020 launch. The French publisher announced the decision in a short but sweet statement, thanking its small community for their dedication and passion to Neo Arcadai.

    But Don't Get Caught Up in the Flops! Whether you were one of the only Hyper Scape fans or you're still mourning the loss of Back 4 Blood, have no fear — there are tons of thriving titles out there for you to enjoy (and hack). Think Valorant, Arma 3, MW3, and Apex Legends.

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