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A first time cheat buyer's review of LaviCheats. (Zeus and Mercy EFT)


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If you are thinking about buying from LaviCheats for the first time, read this!

I tried two cheats. (Zeus and Mercy) The Zeus cheat works amazingly well! The ESP feature is your lifeline! I mainly used the NoRecoil and ESP when I played. The Mercy cheat had a compatibility issue with my PC so I was not able to use it, however, I have heard a lot of good things about this cheat from members who have used it. So make sure to check the compatibility! Zeus worked perfectly when I opened the loader before launching the game. When using Zeus, don't stream your screen on discord because it will crash your video drivers and you will have to restart your PC. Instead, stream the EFT application instead. The discord support team was very helpful and professional when I needed help. In the rare case that there is a compatibility issue you can contact them and submit a ticket through discord. Most compatibility issues are user error, so make sure you read the cheat manual before using them! (I know it's hard to wait because of the excitement of clicking heads, but you will spend more time troubleshooting if you do not follow the instructions carefully.) 

If you are looking for a good cheat supplier to make millions of rubles in EFT, look no further. LaviCheats is here to help you have fun and win in EFT.

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