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EFT Orion (4 day review)


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Absolutely no issues with using. 
Has worked so well I've actually recommended it to a few other friends who have also started to purchase per day they have time to play.

I give the ESP a 10/10, both loot and player

- Super accurate ESP
- Can set price limits for loot to show
- basically no performance loss, runs great, not many visual bugs
- stays accurate

Can't toggle Box ESP like you can skeleton. I personally like to toggle OFF box, and keep Skeletons ON.

I give the Aimbot a 8/10

- Prediction works well
- Accurate when not using silent
- Basically never fails me when needed in a tight situation

- Silent shoots high for me from time to time

I give the Misc options a 10/10

- NVG / Thermal modes, absolutely amazing. Love this feature so much. Has made me switch to only doing night raids because I can gear up and don't need to wear NVGs!

- None!

Overall I give Orion a 9/10!
I definitely plan to continue to purchase as I have the time to play. Orion is excellent for anyone looking to cheat on EFT both while looking legit, or while rage hacking! It's Loot ESP is excellent, and has helped me tremendously with upping the value of my stash within the short 4 days of using it. (32.5m Rubles! and I even avoid players a majority of the time!) I can for sure recommend Orion to anyone looking for any of the above Pros!

1 thing I do wish you guys offered however, is a way to purchase single day keys in bulk and still receive a deal as if purchasing a week / month key. I don't have a week straight to play, but would be interested in purchasing a week worth of 1 day keys for the same price to use when I have the time!

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