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Hunt: Showdown Review


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Let me start by saying these cheats really do work, but if you're stubborn like me, you're gonna have a hard time getting them to function properly at first. You REALLY need to follow their manual and instructions word for word! seriously. Don't just skim through it cause your injector wont work properly. Thank you to badboi and Robin for going out of their way to make sure everything worked on my end. Even though I only payed for one day, they treated me like any other customer and in the end got the injector running smoothly. Seriously though, read the damn manual and remove any conflicting software.

some of my conflicting software that wasn't stated in the manual were CCleaner, Xbox Game Bar, Translucent TB (clear task bar), Realtek HD Audio (idk why but it was), and even some RGB software. if you have any of these and you're getting "Failed to Connect IO" then I suggest turning them off. It also helped for me to run the injector before opening hunt showdown, Once it prompt you with "Open Steam and run game" you're golden.

Other than that, the cheat worked as intended, I'm very happy with the ease of use of the overlay, I don't recommend using the Unlimited Ammo feature as you'll be shooting ghost bullets and wondering why your shots aren't hitting. Its also normal for your Frames to drop ( mine went from 144 to around 70fps after the injection) 

As a new comer to PC in general, it was pretty overwhelming for me, but I think if you're more experienced in software then this will be a breeze!

10/10 Will most likely use again.


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