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EFT scar, coffee, premium, super good products and fast delivery


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I used scar for a while to test things out, very good product and i recommend it if u want to try something. Coffee and premium are defiantly my favorites. I tried both and decided on coffee because it is a little less but if u have the budget go for premium. Been running coffee for a little over a month and scar was about 2 weeks, KD i have around 3-4 right now still no ban, try to stay away from super high aim fov and dont always get all the best items on each map, if u dont care about being banned use every setting, simply because it is fun to use.  I like to run some really good scav runs just finding dead pmc or "stumbling" upon loot. But as you play tarkov you will notice that alot of good loot spawns in the same places, with some items just being so rare its almost impossible to find regardless. Anyways, give it a try, makes the game 100% more fun. 10/10 top notch service and would recommend. The one day passes are nice for decided which product u would want to get long term.

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