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long time user of multiple cheats

Ken Newman

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ive been using lavis awesome cheats for a year or so on and off and by far are the best providers around.

ive used cheats for everything from MW2 R6 BF2042 WW3 Hell Let Loose and was not disappointed in the slightest bit!
all cheats ive used worked as described and will continue to get my support in the future!


even the spoofers are legit i managed to play MW2/WZ2 on a HWID banned pc effortlessly without a shadowban with the "Stealth COD Spoof Month" service and was blown away

cheats by name ive used are BF2042 ( SCAR & LANDMINE ) land mine is my fave for this title 

in short i HIGHLY REC LAvi for your cheat engine needs!


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