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Best League of Legends scriipt


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I've scripted since 2013. I've used every provider possible. I've even paid hundreds for standalone champion scripts back on the days of Bot of Legends (they are no longer around, please dont ban me for advertising).


All I have to say is, I wish you guys were around earlier. I used the script and it's literally the most simple and smartest script ever. Good job guys. Bless your talents.

One thing however is, you guys need to update the manuals for a couple of cheats. For Valorant Yamatos, the menu opener key is actually "I (i)" and not "P" and "K". Also, for the manuals, it would be cool if you could add an explanation of each setting. 


The staff team is amazing. There response time is superb. I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes. Usually its a lot quicker than that even. They are extremely patient when it comes to helping. They go above and beyond to get you sorted. Most competent and reliable team you'll come across. I'll be back for sure


The functions of the cheats are top tier. But helping users get ready to use the cheats needs a bit of work.


Besides that, 11/10

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