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League of Legends Sharpmind Cheat

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I have been using the League of Legends Sharpmind cheat for months now and have nothing but great things to say about it. Loads up perfectly with no problems every single day that i want to use it. Its always updated extremely quick so rarely any down time i always purchase the month key because its price is low considering i use it every day and everything it offers. Its very simple and self explanatory to use if you have any questions its easily answered on the forums. Another reason i enjoy it so much is it has a very wide variety of champions to use and i have even gotten a single report in game from it so its very good and hard to detect at all. To sum it all up the cheat is honestly the best I have ever used and Lavicheats is 100% in my opinion the best website to use and has the best customer service. 10/10

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