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Full Review of R6S Orion


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Keep in mind: I only used settings that made me look as legit as possible while absolutely dominating the other team. there were very few times i went full rage mode just to test it


First things first:

Anticheat- This cheat is NOT detected by battleye/fairfight. I bought the 24 hour version, it's all good so far.


ESP- Works fuckin beautifully, had a few problems with misjudging the distance between myself and the enemy. accidentally shot a wall.

Head/Skeleton ESP- Also very nice, works pretty decently

the ESP also shows you your aimbot FOV and a crosshair which works well.


ESP Overall: 9/10 


Aimbot- . If you  want to play legit at ALL, this is for you. I personally played with the FOV set to about 15 and the smooth to 5-10.

Other than that: Very nice aimbot, works as intended-ish. You can choose between "Distance" and "Close to crosshair" 


Aimbot Overall: 8/10 


Misc- No recoil, No spread, and No flash. all working as intended.

Misc Overall: 10/10


Customization Overall: 8/10. You lock onto people through walls and shit...no speed/operator unlocks/etc


Overall: 8/10 

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