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Rust cheat


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Aimbot: The aimbot is a really useful tool for getting free gear sets while looking amazing. A nice tip, if you’re not raging, is when using a crossbow at a guy further than 100m - turn on aim head & it'll body shot instead of miss.
ESP: ESP is a very useful tool for gathering information on your enemy/surroundings - personally when doing sulfur runs/scrap runs I use it to avoid people. Also very useful for finding the one cunt's base that won't stop talking shit in chat.
Debug: The Debug Camera is very uh... special? Of course, it's great to check out a base, see the best possible way to blow in - also the number of explosives you'll need.
Other Misc: Spiderman feature is nice if you want to try and snag-free loot or easily do the parkour in the sewer branch/train yard - slide walking I haven't used as much I'm not sure what it looks like to other people.
Overall: 10/10 cheat does it's purpose very well and it’s been 16-20 hours now, not even a single problem.

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