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EFT Premium Review


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EFT Premium

The Good

  1. Loads fast and loads everytime
  2. Aimbot works well about 98% of the time. If you're at a weird angle and too close to someone you will spaz out.
  3. loot ESP and Body ESP work very well.
  4. Health bar & numbers on Player ESP work exceptionally well.
  5. Filled with tons of features that are sure to make anyone good at tarkov. 
  6. Can sort loot by price of loot to go for only the most valuable.

The Bad

  1. The Cheat when loaded will cause my game to crash at the most random of times since the last update a few days ago. results in restarts or BSODs. Happens anywhere from the game launcher to middle of a raid. 
  2. The Cheat loader always freezes on load up and after about 10-20 seconds will be fine to go. not really an issues just seems weird to me.


  1. adding vis checks to know when someone is aiming at you would be nice.


Final Thoughts

- This is a great cheat and for anyone just wanting an edge in tarkov to no die as much this is what you need. Can't wait to try out Supreme later. 

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