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Rainbow 6 Siege ZEUS vs ORION

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Having used both these menus I can say that both work beautifully with the only issue being a bit of down time with orion due to bsod issues which was promptly fixed.

While ZEUS is the cheaper of the two you get what you pay for, bit of a buggy menu but it still works, aimbot works most of the time but has its hiccups, and the esp works great with little problem online but needs a bit of a work-around for terrorist hunt. Standing at $9.90 its value is unmatched by anything I could find on the market especially with a 24 key.

Orion, being the more expensive of the two, is the more in-depth menu but has had a few hiccups as of late. The first time I purchased it the menu had a problem with the bsod but Lavi himself fixed it the same day which is quite impressive. The difference in the two menus is the new spoof spectate mode, no-spread, operator names on the esp, and the smoothness slider to make the aimbot less suspicious. Personally the no-spread makes it much easier to hit headshots while the spoof spectate makes the screen very busy. Seeing the bombs and drones is nice during the drone phase, both attacking and defending, but makes seeing the esp boxes quite difficult. The operator names includes both the name of the operator and the person playing the op which is essential while playing against another hacker.

Between the two menus I suggest the Orion menu because it's about 2$ more but the difference is worth it. The aimbot is a bit better but in conjunction with the no-spread its makes a huge difference and when paired with the operator names you will win almost every game against a hacker or not.

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