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EFT Supreme Review


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Features 9.5/10

  1. ESPs (Alot of ESPs) 9/10
    1. Enemy ESP - Works well I prefer to have the outline box gone and use a skeleton ESP ontop of it. 10/10
    2. Bot ESP - Exactly the same as enemy ESP but for bots. colors different. 10/10
    3. Item ESP - Shows all loose items, stash locations, blue barrels, tool bags, etc... specific toggles for things like intel folder, tetris's, and graphic cards. Certain items don't show up that should in certain categories. overall very well done. 9/10
    4. Extraction ESP - has all PMC extractions Missing some of the scav specific Extractions on multiple maps. 8/10
  2. Aimbot (Very well designed) 9/10
    1. FOV - this helps from making you snap 180 degrees and from looking like a bot. 10/10
    2. Lock On - this is really nice so you don't have to manually track players to hit them. 10/10
    3. Target selector - keeps you from getting only headshots and having a flagged account. 10/10
    4. smooth - helps making your player snap unrealisticlly quick to people. 10/10 
    5. max distance - keeps you from Aimboting people and locking on to people to far away. The lowest it can go is 500 meters sadly, wish you could set it to soomething lower like 100m to keep you more legit. 8/10 
    6. adjustable AB key. 10/10
    7. Adjusts for your zero setting. which is nice 10/10
  3. Misc Settings
    1. No Recoil - This is the best part of the cheat and works amazingly. 10/10
    2. Crosshair - Adds a crosshair to the screen, cross, t-shape, dot, or circle. 10/10
    3. colors - you can change the various colors of the cheat. 10/10 

Security 10/10

  1. So far my account has not been banned after about 3-4 weeks of daily use. No messages calling my account a cheater. overall most of the cheats in this cheats are hard to be detected by users, so it helps keeping reports low on your account and not getting looked into by BE/BSG. Very light software no hits to FPS. Over the features provided make you damn near hard to kill and look legit while doing it. Overall i've never seen this cheat detected and that also adds some comfort to this cheat know that you dont have to worry about constant detections and the cheat being down. 

Support 10/10

  1. Lavi's support is good, the community also is very knowledgable and can help with any issues you have as well. 


  1. Expand the ESP to have categories and then drop down menus to select certain items or an entire category as a whole. This would be nice so i can look for a certain item without having 500 markers on the screen when i turn on all items becuase the item i'm looking for doesn't have its own selector. Screen gets cluttered from all items regardless of the render distance selected in some areas (Like dorms on customs.) 
  2. Prediction for the Aimbot for moving targets. the AB is fairly inaccurate on moving targets and sometimes it's betting to just turn lock on off to hit a moving target. 
  3. Have the Aimbot adjust for distance from target, anything past 150m you want to manually move the crosshair higher to hit where you want to hit. 


  1. This is a great cheat for EFT and the best I've tried so far. I would reccomend this to anyone wanting to try a cheat out. 
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