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My Review - R6 Zeus


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Aimbot is 9/10. it's too perfect and highly not recommend if you trying to play legit on your main account and not trying to get ban unless you config the setting.

even if you try to make it look legit in the setting I still suggest you do not use aimbot often because its easy to be notice. maybe once or twice if desperate,

but that's my opinion if you trying to play with aimbot in rank and do not want to get reported and banned ''do not use aimbot often''. 


Esp is 10/10. I enjoy using it, easy to use and that's all you really need to play legit with cheat. options are great and I'm positive anyone tries it will like it too.


NOTE: its undetected and safe to use. The only way you will get banned is if someone record you and report you if you using the cheat in reckless manner.



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