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Review of apex midnght


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I have tried a few different cheats on the market and I also have am a member of a few different cheat discords that i haven't bought from.

After asking some questions and trying them out myself i can honestly say that Lavi's Midnight cheat is the best cheat I have found so far by a mile.

Initially when I saw the price I was like, naaa bro....To much! But I still bought the one day pass and I was so impressed that the next day the weekly package was in my cart by the next day. During the time this cheat has only had an issue once and Lavi was the fastest to update his cheat within 1-2 days compared to his competitors who still have yet to complete the necessary updates to stay undetected. 

Hope you enjoyed my honest review, in conclusion Lavi's a Legend!!!!



Ps feel free to chuck me a PM on this site if you want a buddy to play with :3

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