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  • Rocket League Hacks: Master the Game with Lavicheats' Unmatched Features

    There is a reason that streamers and gamers alike are constantly keeping the Rocket League servers alive. Since 2015, Psyonix’s Rocket League has kept a dedicated, loyal, and massive fanbase around with its high-octane, challenging gameplay that can be described as a mix of soccer meets a demolition derby. With arenas that feel massive and multiple customization options on the cards, what really keeps the player base around is how easy it is to feel the speed and intensity of each match as you and your team speed around in your little cars slamming into giant soccer balls in an attempt to get the most points. With massive explosions and competitive gameplay, Rocket League is a master class in team vs team gameplay.

    Rocketleague bot

    It is also an incredibly difficult game to master, and playing Rocket League for newbies can feel like being a child competing against actual soccer legends like Messi, Pele, or Beckham. The futuristic arenas and customizable cars are only going to get you so far. You want to win, and though the gameplay of Rocket League may be incredibly simple, the precision movements you'll need to make at neck-break speeds can prove difficult even for some of the most hardcore gamers.

    This is where Lavicheats comes in handy. If you are looking for Rocket League hacks that can help give you that competitive edge against players from across the globe, our state-of-the-art RL cheat can help bridge the gap between new and casual players who are just trying to have a good time against the veteran, hardcore players who treat Rocket League like a religion. Rocket League cheats aren't a replacement for skill and quick reflexes, but they can be a great way to make the game fun and satisfying while you acclimate yourself to the simple, yet incredibly challenging nature of Rocket League.

    Here are a few Rocket League hacks that our advanced AI can provide for you

    Ball Prediction

    Anyone who has played Rocket League understands the chaos that comes with a good hit on the ball. With the giant soccer ball flying all over the arena, it can be difficult to plan your next move as you figure out where exactly the ball is going to land. Our Rocket League cheats can actually tell you where the ball is going, allowing you the advanced knowledge to help you set up shots, almost like you were able to do incredibly complicated physics in a matter of seconds.

    Boost Timers and Display

    There's a reason why it's called ROCKET League. Customizable boosters allow players to zip all over the arena to clear distance and make timely saves or score difficult shots. Wouldn't it be nice to know how much boost other players, especially your opponents, have? Boost timers let you know how much boost a player has left and can even circle the player for you to make them easy to identify. Our boost display feature can also draw boost bars over players to let you know who has the most boost and who you should focus on.

    Chat Messages on Players

    The quick chat feature is incredibly useful for setting up plays in Rocket League, but it can be hard to know who is talking to you while you scan the HUD for the chat screen. Our handy tools place the chat over both your own team and the enemy players so that you can see over their vehicle who needs what. This allows you to better help your own team while also seeing what strategies the other team is trying to utilize.

    Demolition Bot

    Sometimes, it's just time to destroy. If you are looking to play some overly aggressive defense, the Demolition Bot can be activated by simply holding the hotkey. Our RL hacks will drive your car to the nearest enemy position, slamming into them and disrupting whatever maneuver they were trying to pull off.

    Wave Dashing

    Sometimes, to land those sweet aerial maneuvers, you'll find the incredibly floaty physics of Rocket League throwing you off course. With this feature, you simply press the hotkey and jump manually and our program will adjust your car based on where it is landing and its current velocity to cancel out the forward-dashing animation. This tool is best for when you are leaping from walls with quick acceleration.

    Mini Map/Radar

    It may not seem like a big deal to navigate a simple Sci-fi soccer arena, but having a little map to tell you where everyone is and what is going on can be a great tool to orient yourself and help you make those split-second decisions that can decide if your team wins or loses.

    Kickoff Bot (Beta)

    We're really excited about this feature. By pressing the hotkey (default is V) and ONLY the hotkey at kickoff, our new Kickoff Bot will perform a fast kickoff maneuver using an advanced speed-flip mechanic to help your team get control of the ball. Each kickoff position has its own settings that can be tweaked and fine-tuned, and all data related to the Kickoff Bot is stored in a config file inside the omega folder. While this is a newer program that we are still working on, the Kickoff Bot can be a great way to take an early advantage.

    Lavicheats is dedicated to constantly improving our programs to give you the edge when it comes to gaming. If you find that your own skills aren't quite doing it for your gaming sessions, we can give you the bump you need to be a Rocket League pro. If you're interested in other game cheats, ensure to also check out our Overwatch hacks.

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