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Rocket League GoalMaster


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-Supports Windows 10 and Windows 11
-Supports both Intel And Amd Processors
-Automation included.



  • Auto boost
  • Feather boost
  • Feather boost strength
  • Auto drive
  • Use hand break
  • Drive backwards
  • Dribble match speed
  • Show dribble state

Ball prediction: Shows where the ball is going, allowing you to set up for aerials easily and wall-shots.

  • Prediction only in goal
  • Prediction type
  • Intersection point
  • Intersection type
  • Line width

Boost timers: Can show the remaining time of boosts and can also draw circles around them.

  • Show circles
  • Show text
  • Text lowering
  • Font size

Wave dashing:

  • Continuous mode
  • Orient only
  • Orient towards ground
  • Wall dashing / infinite dash
  • Legit wall dashing

Demolition bot:

  • Auto boost
  • Always boost
  • Air control
  • Custom target
  • Mini map:


  • Position X  Y
  • Show boosts
  • Show boost timers
  • Show chat messages
  • Show mini-map borders


  • Automatic air sensitivity
  • Hide nameplates
  • Set FOV
  • Draw hitbox
  • Jump indicator
  • Car vision
  • Boost management


Chat messages on players: Can display player's chat messages over their cars while in-game. Both for the enemy and your team.

  • Show enemy messages
  • Show team messages
  • Team colored messages
  • Chat window
  • Chat window auto-scroll

Rocket League Menu
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menu 3.webp
mneu 2.webp
menu 1.webp
RL ingame 2.webp
RL ingame.webp

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