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-Supports Both Amd And Intel !
-Supports Win11 & Win10: All Versions)

--Supported Platform: Steam, EA APP, Epic games, Xbox app


Opponent Disconnect in Division Rivals (DR): Disconnect your opponent from a Division Rivals match to secure an instant victory.

Opponent Disconnect in Fut Champions (FutCH): Disconnect your opponent from a Fut Champions (weekend league) match for an immediate win.

Anti Alt-Tab Feature: This feature is automatically activated upon menu injection. It allows you to ALT-TAB out of the game without pausing during Squad Battles matches. You can enable or disable it at any time.

No Loss Benefit: Activating the "No Loss" feature will end the game without counting it among your matches in Fut Champions. To clarify, if you want to avoid the previous match being counted as a loss, play a Division Rivals match after using "No Loss" in a Fut Champions match. So, the sequence would be: "Play FutChamp match > Use no loss > Play DR match > Use no loss."

Hide Origin ID: To prevent your opponent from reporting you during a match, activate the "Hide Origin ID" feature in the Ultimate Team menu. When enabled, your EA profile won't be visible to your opponent, reducing the likelihood of being reported for cheating. However, keep in mind that determined players may still report you directly to EA via a ticket, so it's not a foolproof solution, but it's a good option since most players won't bother.



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