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-Supports Both Amd And Intel
-Support Win11 & Win10: All Versions

-Supported Platform: Steam, EA APP, Epic games, Xbox app


ALT-TAB Bypass:This feature is automatically activated when the menu is injected. It allows you to ALT-TAB out of the game without pausing when in a Squad Battles match. You can activate it anytime.

Division Rivals Opponent Stats (Chemistry / Rating / Platform):This option is always active and cannot be turned off. It displays your opponent's username and platform (PC/PS5/XBOX).

Green Timed Finishing:This feature enables perfect green timed shots with a single press of the shot button. It no longer supports the two-tap TIMED FINISHING. Note that, depending on your connection quality, it may not always time shots accurately. You can activate it anytime.

AI vs. Online (Friendly Matches Only):This feature allows the CPU to take over in friendly matches, letting the game play for you.

Legacy Defending (Ultimate Team):This option enables the use of legacy defending in Ultimate Team, even if it's grayed out in the controller settings.

Anti-AFK:This feature eliminates the AFK timer that appears if you're inactive for more than 30 seconds in any online mode.

Division Changer:Similar to the draft modifier, you can increase or decrease the division you want to play in using the +- buttons. A value of 0 disables it, and you'll be matched with players from your original division. This works in Elite as well. Activate it in the Ultimate Team menu. For example, if you're in division 1, you can change to division 10 for easier opponents. Wins count towards promotion and rewards but not for Elite status.

Hide Origin ID:To avoid being reported by your opponent during a match, activate this feature in the Ultimate Team menu. It hides your EA profile from your opponent. Keep in mind that determined opponents can still report you directly to EA through a ticket, so it's not foolproof, but most players won't bother.

2x Match Time:This feature speeds up the match, reducing the total game time from 8 minutes to 4 real minutes.

Freeze Ball:Use this feature with caution. It freezes the ball 10-15 meters in the air, making it unplayable. Do not use it in online modes of Ultimate Team like Rivals, Draft, or Weekend League. You can use it in Squad Battles matches. Activate it when appropriate during the match.







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