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Mw3/ Warzone 3 Thunder

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-Supported Windows 10 (All versions) and Windows 11 (All versions)
-Controller (gamepad) emulation support
[Intel/Amd Both]



  • Aim at Shoot
  • Aim at Scope
  • No recoil
  • Visbile only
  • Two types of aimbot input. (Relative, absolute)
  • Controllable speed (0-100%).
  • Recoil compensation
  • Gamepad Support (Only xbox at the moment)
  • Aimbot Prediction
  • Ignore Knocked Targets
  • Target Switch Delay
  • Absolutely unique hitbox system
  • Two aimbot keys


  • Player Esp[Skeleton, Box, Glow]
  • Enemy Information[Health, Shield, Distance]
  • Player Info (Nickname, distance, weapon, ping, kills, rank)
  • Visibility check
  • Glow Type (Default, textured, thermal, noisy)
  • Loot Esp
  • Loot Categories (Other, ammo, weapon, armor, money, self, booster, gasmask, killstreak, tactical, nades, usable, modification, contract, perk, container, market station, exchanger)
  • Customization (Name, underlining, icon, ingame name color, ingame distance color)


mw3 menu.webp
mw3 menu2.webp
mw3 menu3.webp
mw3 walls.webp
mw3 aimassist.webp

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