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[Rainbow 6 Siege] KURU vs. ORION


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Hello there, this is Synyster jr. and today I will introduce you to personal valorations from my experience using both Kuru and Orion. This will be an in-depth review featuring both its pros and cons of each cheat.

TL;DR: Orion is way smoother and more stable than Kuru, if you don't mind waiting 1 more day when the cheats need to be updated.

ESP, when it comes down to ESP both cheats have ESP box surrounding the enemy, Orion's ESP colour is white while Kuru's is dark greenish. That leads to giving my kudos to Kuru's ESP being slightly better in my opinion. Orion's ESP may give you the feeling that your screen is busier. I like more Kuru in that regard, but again, this is my opinion and you might perfectly rather like more Orion's ESP. The head dot in Kuru is red while Orion's is white, even though both cheats you perfectly see the head dot for accurate headshots. Kuru also allows setting out a distance limit for the ESP, whereas Orion will have infinite range on enemies. Other interesting settings for Orion includes toggleable display for operator name, FOV, crosshair dot and skeleton visuals. All of them work pretty flawlessly, and lately in newer Orion updates fixed the skeleton bug, which is appreciated.

Orion's ESP  9.5/10
Kuru's ESP   10/10

Aimbot, here is where you will feel differences between Orion and Kuru. Although both cheats have the option to smooth out the aimbot, many R6S players unanimously agree Orion's is better. It does not mean that Kuru has a bad aimbot coding, but for the regular user, Orion is easier to config, and to master, if you are looking for a legit-looking aimbot, Orion is undoubtely your choice here, whereas Kuru is more for raging-style of play.

Orion's aimbot  9/10
Kuru's aimbot   8/10

Misc, Kuru has, in my opinion, low customizable miscellaneous features. Orion shines bright here as you can toggle on and off no-recoil, no spread and no flash. I've been myself agreeing with another user about the idea of a slider for no-recoil, mainly because no-recoil is easily reportable. Cutting down your weapon's recoil by about 40-50% would be indeed hard to detect, and so you will most likely enjoy a more satisfying experience with that feature.

Downtime, we all hate downtime but it is as well necessary. When the game client updates, cheats need to be updated as well. Kuru is usually back to working before Orion (by about 1 day of difference) though Orion's downtime afterwards is pretty much inexistant, while Kuru is less reliable in that regard.

Orion's Uptime  8/10
Kuru's Uptime   9/10

Safeness, and here we go. Everyone that commit cheating is aware that bans can happen anytime, and cheats can get detected as well. I have been using both Kuru and Orion for 3+ months now and I have had neat 0 ban record using Orion, and just 1 ban using Kuru (FairFight 15-days ban). That you receive a ban doesn't mean the cheat is/has been detected. Therefore, according to my playtime and records, I can safely tell you that, as of today, both cheats are undetected. Again, by unanimity, the community will agree with me that Orion is safer than Kuru, I refer to the records of multiple users to prove what I've just said.

Orion's Safeness  10/10
Kuru's Safeness   9/10

Injection, a good injection is required for the cheat to load up in-game, and Kuru and Orion provide their own injection method. With Kuru, you will need to type in a simple cmd command for the cheat to inject, previously having logged in onto the loader to activate your serial key. Orion, on the other hand, is way simpler. You just need to paste your serial key and the injection will automatically begin upon key validation. BSOD after injecting is very rare to occur on either cheat.

Orion's Injection  10/10
Kuru's Injection   9/10

Game experience, obviously you strive for the best game experience no matter what cheat you use. Kuru suffers from some moderate FPS-drops (detailed in my R6S Kuru review - https://lavicheats.com/topic/6440-r6s-kuru-review/ ) while Orion is a lot smoother in that regard, providing the user with the best cheat experience with almost no frames loss. Enjoying the game with no frames loss is one of the main goals for any user, so I gladly congradulate Orion for winning in this section.

Orion's game experience  10/10
Kuru's game experience   8/10

Price-Quality balance, well.. Orion is slightly more expensive but it is worth every additional dollar for the simple feat that it's a reliable R6S cheat which has been on the market for a fairly long time being fully undetected. Kuru is great for its price, which is a balanced one.

Orion's P-Q balance  10/10
Kuru's P-Q balance   9/10

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Orion was the cheat that I really recommend 

Im not talking about kuru cause I never use it but for orion this is what I give

When we talk about orion esp it is very accurate and very well working out. The bone of orion was the highlight of orion which give you very good information.

I give 9.5/10 for esp

For orion aimbot it is very smooth and look match with human aim but the only issue is you can not custom ur own key.



For orion misc it look very natural in your screen but if it on other people screen it look like hack. So picture this, What will it feel like to see people having gun recoil to the sky but all bullet gone in to head. And spread won't work well with shotgun cause the bullet will group.

Your own perspective 10/10

Other perspective LOOK LIKE HACKER 4/10

I can't say much because I never use misc and aimbot I only use ESP for information because I think this game if you just have information that will help you a lot already

Overall score for orion 9/10

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